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First Red Light Violation Ever!

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  • First Red Light Violation Ever!

    OMG! I got a ticket for Dec 9th. I actually thought it was for a situation a few days ago when I could not figure out the intersection. It is not a four way, but rather a freeway to the right and a field to the left and there was no yellow, it just went red and I didn't know where to stop. I usually drive 45 or less. But the ticket was a day where I called to push the time up to 2PM because I had not slept all night the night before. I still had those tummy pains when I drove off to the 3rd dog. It was the third dog in the family,and I did the first two the day before. I have NO awareness of this at all, which is scarey! I don't deliberately zip thru red lights. I wonder if a judge would excuse this? I realize lack of sleep is like being drunk. But I had taken a nap, and thought I was ok. $175.50 for this. I have to pay and go to traffic (BORING) school, I guess. There goes the entire 3 dog w/tip money. Traffic school can't teach me anything. How can I learn to be more careful than I already am, and not be confused? I drive past that spot often with several clients. Now I am afraid to drive anywhere! If I drove there today, even in my car, I could be confused again! This just does not look like a place to stop. Funny too, there were no cars around and not busy. If I get the second ticket, I have no defense! I have not bought that $600 generator and this will certainly make it harder to pay for. If I can't trust my own perceptions when driving....then what? This is what I plan to say to the judge. It is the truth. I beg his mercy. (Traffic school starts very early and is a real zzzzzz to go thru.) My driving record has been exceptional until now. My health is affecting my driving. We, as groomers know this rig is my shop on wheels and I take it very seriously to drive carefully in this 1 ton vehicle. I can't BE any more careful. Now I feel incompetent to drive. The one on the 22nd was simply confusing to me.
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    Traffic school isn't that bad. I made a right on red once where I wasn't supposed to, but did it several times before and never noticed the 'no right on red' sign. Traffic school is better than having the offense go on your record. Here, they let you go to traffic school vs. paying the fine (costs the same) once every 2 years.


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      Read my update thread! whooo hooooo!

      Santa sent me a late Christmas gift, via the photo cop. Read the other thread for details if you like. Sometimes you get a break and you get a get outta jail free-so to speak card. This was mine.