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    Hi ...I need some help finding someone to service my gene. I am located in the Pinehurst area.
    The closer to this area the better....but can go to the Raleigh or Fayetteville areas for a good mechanic. Who do you all use and how was the service?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Just Google the name of the manufacture and a list of service stations will appear, ie: I have a Cummins Onan and there is a service station in Greenville.

    Happy Mechanic searching

    Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I can say definitely don't use the Cummins Atlantic Dealer in Kenly.
      I have found an independent mechanic in Garner that does the work on mine. He was at one point Onan certified but let that lapse because of the price involved with maintaining the certification. PM me if you'd like his number. I'm thinking it may be a bit too far for you just wanted to let you know independent people are out there Look for an RV guy, should be enough to choose from in the sandhills area.


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        Midway Auto in Sanford on Rte 1 is in the process of being Onan certified. They work on my generator and I haven't had any problems with any work that they have done. I get the oil changed on the van motor as well. I try to frequent just one service person so you can build a repore with them. From Pinehurst, it would probably be less than a 30 minute drive for you.


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          Purplememere Do you have a guy that you used at Midway? I have 2000 plus hours and my gene needs a good going over...I have a guy here who can change the oil and replace filters etc...but I need someone who knows a little more and can do it all(exhaust,choke etc).
          What kind of work have you had done with them?


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            They have changed the oil, filter and fuel filter on the gen. Next time they will change the brushes, etc. (the big service at 450 hours). They guy is Alan and I believe he is the shop manager. Craig is one of the owner's but all of them are terrific guys. Alan is in the process of being Onan certified. I like them and will continue to patronize them.