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    OK, my van is FILTHY. I mean, disgustingly filthy but I can't wash it. It has been so darn cold here that I know if I try to wash it all of my doors will freeze shut. The salt and everything from the roads is terrible. I tried cleaning the back doors at least with windex and a towel and froze while I was doing it and by the time my groomer came home from her appointment, you'd never know I had done anything. Is there a trick to being able to wash your van in the dead of winter and not let the doors freeze up? I'm more worried about the salt eating the van. there is already rust on it and I don't want it to get worse, but last winter anytime I tried to wash it when it was cold out the locks would freeze, doors would freeze, etc. I kind of gave up, but thought maybe there is something else I could do that I hadn't thought of.
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    maybe use your HV to dry the doors immediately after washing? also add alcohol to your windex before using it so its doesn't freeze instantly.


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      Heated car wash

      would work to wash it.I used to put spay cooking oil on the rubber door seals but have had to use clipper oil in a pinch. For your locks they make a spray to thaw those out ,my guess is it is just antifreeze in a spray can of some form. I never got around to trying to wipe straight antifreeze onto the door seals the spam(Pam) works well enough.
      I did try to power wash one time in the cold of winter that did not work. I did manage to make a winter wonder land of ice though. It looked interesting as long as you didn't need to walk across it.
      They dont use salt down here so car rust is not very common even on old cars. It's not the water it is the snow and salt that causes the rust. Good luck keep safe snow bunny.


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        Im not mobile, so I dont have a van, and I do live in Alabama, so no snow and ice here, but when I did live in colder climates we would wash then spray WD40 in the locks and door hinges. Dont really know if that is what you should do, but just a suggestion.


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          Spray the rubber gaskets

          Make sure to spray your rubber door gaskets with either WD-40, silicone or even cooking spray. Somethimes the door gaskets will freeze to the body and if you try to pry it open, you can rip the gasket, then you'll havev a draft until you replace the gasket (which is a pain in the butt).
          Simply spray or smear some kind of lube onto the entire door gaskets...for all of the doors. Do this a couple or three times through out the winter. You should be good afterwards.


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            I live in upstate NY Today was a warmer day so I sprayed my van down to get all the salt and grime off of it. twice I year fall and spring I take it in to get it professionally washed and waxed all over it ( meaning on top of the camper top). go to an auto parts store... I believe they have a spray for your locks and keep everything lubed up. I like WD40 but I found the white lithium grease works great in the high humidity of the van. I use it on my table too.