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  • Feeling Productive!

    I made it through the holiday insanity, and I did well...Things picked up for me after my intitial panic in early Dec. Only last Thurs had no dogs otherwise was booked every day. Today I had 6 dogs, ended with a min pin and chihuahua bath! It was great but I was tired after I stopped going. I am getting over bronchitis so I came home and took a nap. Then when I woke up I saw my dogs, and they were filthy.

    So this evening after dinner I gave them both a bath and brush, and painted my girl's nails red for Christmas. No reason why the cobblers kids should be barefoot! LOL. So after that my van was a horrendous mess of undercoat (I have 2 Australian Cattle Dogs) and dirt. I mean undercoat EVERYWHERE stuck to the ceiling, walls etc. I ended up totally cleaning the inside of my van, and did all of my maintenance stuff too. I am proud of myself for being productive after all that madness. And I feel pretty good that I got January's van payment set aside as well!

    PS ~ If you are wondering where my family is, I promise I didn't neglect them. Hubby works at 4 am tomorrow, he's a Fireman so he is on tomorrow, and my girls are in San Diego visiting my in laws and my parents. It's too quiet around here without the teenage mayhem!

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    Glad things went well for you! Merry Christmas