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My Very Sick Client Called From Her Hospital Bed!

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  • My Very Sick Client Called From Her Hospital Bed!

    Carol actually called me today and still wants her dogs groomed whenever I can do them. She apologized for being sick. Gee, it isn't her fault. It is her birthday and she is in the hospital.

    So If she gets her messages I hope she hears the second one! She is NOT out of the woods by any means. I have been thinking about her all day.

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    What a good client, I sure hope she feels better soon. If she can make the call from the hospital bed all those other yahoos out there have no excuse, right?



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      Last week a clients sister called me about 10 minutes before I was going to go to her house and groom her cocker spaniel to tell me her sister fell and broke both her ankles the night before and was now in the hospital. She said she was sorry but she would have to cancel the groom.
      I told her, no worries, just to concentrate on getting well and call me when she gets out, that I will be happy to come over to groom her dog.
      Then I picked up the phone and called someone on my waiting list, who was happy to take her appointment. So, bottom line, I didn't loose any money or time for the day. I don't charge for canceling the appointment. I'm glad her sister got hold of me before I took the time to drive to her home, but still wouldn't have charge her a fee if I did. She has been a really good client who has her dog on a 5 to 6 week schedule.