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  • Check your tire under the generator

    Today, I had a “flat” tire at my clients house. Luckily, he had a air compressor and I was only 2 miles from a tire store. When the mechanic took off the left rear tire, the one under the generator, it was severely worn on the outside edge. It looked like someone with a knife sliced away the rubber, and an 8” strip of metal threads were showing, the rest of the tire looked almost new, (only have 29K on them). I can only guess that the weight of the gen took its toll on the tire. So all you guys that have a generator in your van, take a look at the tire under it. I was lucky that it didn’t blow when I was traveling 65 mph and that I was only 2 miles from a tire place and that my client was a retired truck driver !!

    Happy Repairing your tire on a busy grooming day !!

    Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC

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    Hubby beefed up my air compressor for just such an event.

    Something that my hubby, keeper of the grooming van and fixer of what breaks did. As part of all of the second hand stuff we bought to build our own van, there was a wimpy air compressor that pressurized the Cosmo tanks. He ditched that thing last month and installed a Craftsman pancake compressor that will go to 120 PSI. He put in a separate regulator for the Cosmo tanks to keep them at the right pressure, but now I have a lot more OOMPH at the blower nozzle to clean blades and clear hair from all of those nooks and crannies. I can also attach an air hose and fill the tires on the van! There's still plenty of room and it works so much better.

    One of the best $100 I spent, along with the new refrigerator he put in the van.

    "With God's help, all things are possible!"
    Laura Lee Ray
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      I love your hubby Laura, he is a gem.


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        Just when everything is going well

        Something goes south with my mobile unit. Usually it is little onry fixit problems that my hubby takes care of. For instance, today it was the shop vac not working, yesterday it was the supersudser not working. But last month it was the transmition needing to be re-built then it's $3,000 at the tranny shop. Oh well, gotta roll with the problems and keep on groomin


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          Originally posted by Dolly View Post
          I was lucky that it didn’t blow when I was traveling 65 mph

          Hmmm, you aren't kidding! That's a very odd problem for such a new vehicle. Hope it doesn't happen again. But that's a good idea to carry a compressor.
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