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  • Check out my new website

    I'm so stoked about this, I finally found someone that has done my site the way I want it done. a friend of a friend has done this for me that does professional websites. If you are interested in his services you can contact me personally and I can give you his contact info. I am very excited about this and have been showing everyone my new website! Woo Hoo!

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    Very nice! You went upscale and modern which I really like! It is short and to the point plus easy to navigate. Nice job!


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      Website 101............where are you located, what areas do you cover, which State are you in? All this should be on your Home Page. Other than that, the site is extremely original and really top notch!!

      Happy Finding you

      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          Constructive criticism:

          As noted above, where are you located and what areas do you cover.

          The type face used for the titles, while very modern looking, has "T"s that at first glance look like stylized "Y"s.

          Other than that, a VERY nicely designed web site.
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            Kitty- that is phenomenal! I Looove it. Very streamlined and VERY professional. Very, very well done. If I were going to do a site,,it would be very similar to this!
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              Very cool!!!!!


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                I like it. I like that all of your forms are on your website. The one thing that you don't have is your photo gallery. It would even be better if you show off your works on the website as well. I also agree that you should have the areas that you serve.


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                  Very Nice! Very professional. But again, here's some constructive criticism. I don't want to sound like we're picking on you, but as a potential client, if I have to fill out all my info just for a price quote, I'm moving on to the next groomer that posts prices. JMO. But other than that, looks great. I like the green and black. Really makes the whole thing pop!


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                    It does look great! I like the sound effects, too. Looks professional and modern. I know you are proud of it, as I would be, too!


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                      Nice Job. I agree with the others though. Keep your phone number sprinkled liberally throughout the site. That way while they are looking at the site they can pick up their phone and call you immediately.


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                        All constructive

                        criticism and that's what I was hoping for. Thank you for that, I will let me my web designer know these ideas and see what we can do. Thank you for the compliments as well, I am very proud of my website and hope it gets a good response.

                        Thank you again,