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woo hoo; first 6 dog day

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  • woo hoo; first 6 dog day

    really celebrating today; had 6 dogs; two each at two houses, one each at two houses.
    All easy dogs; 3 schnauzers 10 all over, breed head, one poodle 4f all over teddy face and feet; one lhasa, one schnoodle; 7f all over, teddy face and feet.
    all are repeats and regular clients.
    I have one this sunday and 3 on christmas eve.
    am gonna have to book some in the evenings (work part time at shop 30 miles away).
    I will be so happy if next year I am doing 4 to 6 a day 4 to 5 days a week; I can live very nicely on that.

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    Woo hoo for you!!! Nice isn't it, to not work yourself to death and come home with some $$$$
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      Woo hoo! Congrats, sounds like you are well on your way.


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        That sounds like a perfect day! Excellent!


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          OK, I'm weird, but -

          I HATE SHAVE-OFFS!! Whew - give me the glamorous and the cute and the pretty. I like shaving only as a bit of a "break" after doing lots and lots of hair and scissors and styles. I know shaving is quick, but to me it is mainly ugly, and I would be so depressed doing shaves all day.

          That is why they say, "Different strokes for different folks", lol. But I'm glad you have many easy clients. Congrats!


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            Wow, I mostly do clip comb and scissor work! I may have like one or two a month if that. Congrats on the big day, hopefully it continues.


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              I love doing haircuts but never mind a shave if that's what the customer wants and they are happy. It makes it so much easier on me. No fluff drying, no scissoring, same groom fee. Deidre, that day would be my kind of day.


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                Congrats! *holding up my longnecker*....Here's to next year! lol
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                  I actually prefer a snap on to a buzz; takes me longer to get a 7f all over smooth than a one or o comb. I totally fluff everything, even the strips.


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                    Had 3 calls this week in spite of reading my ad and listening to my answer message; can you do my 85 lb lab this week? I have two 80 lb labs, can you come groom them for me?
                    My ads and message clearly state I groom cats and small dogs under 45 lbs.
                    I hate turning away business, I know it would pay well, but I am 63 and my back cannot lift the big ones, and hoist their butts up, etc.
                    NOt to mention that my tub is designed for medium to small breeds.


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                      Yeah, my rig is set up for smaller dogs & I have a weight limit too. I hate it when they act like it is no big deal that they have a larger than allowed dog.

                      Customer : "I want to make an appt for my 85 lb lab"

                      Me : "I'm sorry, I only groom dogs 30 lbs and under, but thank you for your phone call"

                      Customer : "But he's a good dog & I really need him groomed. Can you just come look at him, he's not that big, just fat & he's old."

                      Me : I'm sure he is a wonderful dog, but I'm sorry - I cant help you with his grooming needs, I am set up for small pets only - but thanks for calling.

                      What you really want to say is "what part of I only groom dogs 30 lbs and under do you not understand?? Yeah, that is exactly what I want to do, blow out my back pulling on your Lab that wants to lay down all the time cause he's old & fat....."
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