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  • another website question

    I just started my mobile business and all of my clients are new to me. I groomed in a shop that is not local so I have no following here and need to draw more people in. Also most people in this area are unfamiliar with mobile grooming so I want a website to explain the benefits of mobile.
    So my question is how many new clients do you think your website has brought to you?

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    I have gotten a handful of clients from seeing my website but I also use it as a tool, less paperwork for me to print out. I have my agreement form up there. If I don't forget lol I will ask if new clients have seen my website, most say they, I have some that haven't. I will try to send them there to fill out my agreement form & have that ready when I show up for the appt. I also try to carry a few just in case they forgot themselves or can't print one out. My agreement is long to read so I like having it on the website so they can review it at their own pace, standing there while they read it was awkward. I have much less of that now.



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      I had quite a few clients that found me by searching pet grooming on the Internet and found my website. Since I started in March, there were almost 100 people that sent me the contact form from my website. However, the majority of them were just curious about the service and wanted to know the price. Many of them found me from the newspaper ad, or saw my van or heard from someone else, then they checked my website and booked appointment. Most people like the photo gallery, some will tell me which dog they like and they want their dog to look like the one on the gallery. I try to put as many breeds that I get to groom on the gallery as possible. I am the only groomer here in town that have a website with all the detailed information about my business. Most groomers work for a vet, coporation or a kennel so no one really have a website that showcase their works.