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  • help with website.....please

    Hi all,
    Just wondering if you all could share some info on your websites. I just started my mobile business and need to get a website. I considered the yahoo do it yourself website but I am by no means a prolific writer and don't think I could do it in a professional way. My question is when you hire someone to do a website do they write all of the text? Do you need to have someone familiar with mobile grooming to effectively sell your business via your website? Do you have any recommendations for website design? Suggestions on what to include?
    Any and all input would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Hi Remy..... I can't fopr the life of me remember the company that Steven had listed on one of these threads that will put your website together for you. But there is a thread somewhere in here that addresses this issue. Maybe Steven can jump in here and repost it for you by the way, good luck & happy grooming.


    Stephen: We do have a new sponsor that does web sites. It is


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      I used to do my website and it was so easy to use and much cheaper than hiring someone. I really recommend it to anyone and you can create a brand image by getting your business cards from them as well.


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        Call Dale at webwise web design.He's one of the sponsors for this board.He is very nice and helpful.A wealth of knowledge.


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          Mine is

          I did it all myself, though I need to revamp it, again.

          I love to write, and have offered others help if needed. If you need help writing for your site just let me know. I'd be happy to do it, and i don't charge LOL.
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            If you want someone to make one here is the lady that made my website, . Sue is a mobile groomer that is quitting, she still is grooming her fav clients but slowly fazing it out. She wants to do websites etc. I feel she did a great job on my site. I went with & she just put the pages up there. I already had most of my stuff written & had a few friends tweak the wording for me before finding Sue. She has helped me tweak other things etc. Like my frontpage program is old & some reason won't put pictures up there so she still helps me adjust & add things.

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              Is there a local college nearby? If the college offers a graphics/web design curriculum, talk with one of the instructors about having a talented student take on your web page project. It would be a great thing for a student starting out to have a commercial site in their portfolio.

              The problem with the prefab sites like Yahoo is that your site will look like a lot of other sites. You want to stand out. Someone with training can make sure your site is picked up by the major search engines by inserting the proper codes into your site.

              You DO NOT have to spend hundreds of dollars for "optimization" so your site is seen by Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Beware of those people who say otherwise.
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                There is one I use for multiple sites I do, such as my own site and our National club website. Very easy, point and click and there is a feee option (I like free LOL)


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                  KatMelody gave a good suggestion. That was what I did. I found a friend of a friend who study computer science at our local college, so I hired him to design a website for me. Actually, my husband could do it but he didn't have time to. My friend design the website from Dreamweaver. I wrote my own content but I did look at several other websites and asked my co-workers (at my previous job) help me with my English. If you have a website, make sure you have a contact form and a photo gallery. The current and prospective clients love to look at the photos and this is a great way to show off your works. My website is hosted by Yahoo and you can keep track of how many times your website are viewed from the yahoo small business website. I also post several photos my van on the website. I think my friend created the contact form from You can also keep track of the contact forms from your Wufoo account. Also, my logo was designed by a graphic design student as well. I live in a college town so I am lucky to find great services at very low cost by hiring college students. Some high school kids are also very talented. My former co-worker's husband has a hand car wash business and one of their daughters designed a website, flyer and business card for them, and she is probably only 13 or 14 years old.


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                    for the suggestions. Even though I don't usually post I am on here every day learning so much from all of you. Thanks for all of your help.
                    Anyway, I'm so not sure what to I hire someone to do this or attempt it myself and save a few hundred dollars? I'm afraid to do it myself and have it be a whopping disaster but I certainly don't have a ton of money to spare. I just don't know.
                    Middle age has made me so indecisive!