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help the roof on my van is leaking

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  • help the roof on my van is leaking

    I installed a fantastic vent on my roof (of a box truck) I cut the whole and put it in place but the water seems to be seeping through its getting the wood in my ceiling wet ggggrrr

    anyone have any advice i put cauking all over it, has this ever happen to anyone, I was thinking of buying one of those dome cone shape covers that they sell for them, but i dont know if that will solve the problem. Its one thing after another with this truck

    Its going to rain until monday what do i dooo!!

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    Did you use the foam gasket that goes between the fan and roof? If you did not, take the fan back off, and put the gasket on. Then reinstall the fan, making sure you use all of the screws and the fan is secure

    Get some Dicor self-leveling sealer from an RV supply store run a seam of Dicor around the fan frame and over all of the screws. Regular caulk does not do as good a job and will leak.

    A MaxxAir cover will help with water blowing in, but if water is coming in between the fan and the roof, the MaxxAir cover will not help.
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      thank you so much for the advice i bet thats what it was my dad did the installing he probably didnt put it in I will have to find the piece and re-instalit it. wish me luck


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        Best stuff in the world right here:

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          Yep, i had a problem with my trailer leaking when it rained really hard. Home Depot has a tube of Marine Caulk and it does the trick. Great stuff. Haven't had any leaks since my husband put it on the roof seams.


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            We use this black tar stuff that comes in strips. Never had a problem with our vents. Now our AC unit was leaking during heavy rain (hubby installed it in the first place), couldn't figure it out till hubby tried tightening the bolts, they were loose. Cranked them down hard & no problems since.

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