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  • Hose Issues/Leaking

    Ok, I can't complain about freezing because we are in So. Cal but we are at least having some rain finally. My problem is that I am now having to replace my 5th hose in 8 weeks. I thought first that the hose was old. So I used a different one we already had. That one started leaking/bursting also. I purchased one from Walmart -- didn't last one day. So went to the hardware store and bought one w/a lifetime warranty for $75/75 ft. Lasted 1 week and split. So I got a new one (at least it was under the warranty) and bought a new pressure valve. Now this new one is leaking as well. For some reason it seems like my water pressure is higher but I don't know what to do. I can't keep replacing hoses ... not only is it a pain but it's expensive.

    Should I add a second pressure valve, one off the faucet and one into the trailer? Any other advice???? Thx in advance.

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    Try using a RV water supply hose. They are the white hoses with the blue stripes used in camping applications. You can also get a pressure regulator that attaches to the faucet at an RV store or larger Walmarts.
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      It does sound like your water pressure is too much. If you have a water meter where the water comes to the house I think it can be adjusted there.

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        I'm gonna have to go look for it. Its on the other side of a creek somewhere under the bushes. I don't even think the guy ever checks it. LOL. I'm wondering ... can I change the pressure or do I contact the water company. We have the water going over 15 acres of our property so I'm wondering if it is set that high just to make sure we have pressure everywhere. The hose I am using is the furtherest one on the property ... which you would think would be the weakest pressure. Ugh.


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          My hubby wants to know where in the hoses is it splitting?

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            Use rubber hose ,they are more expensive but they do not kink or split so easy.Then try to find a flow reducing seal for the hose, one with a very small hole for the water to go through. Or make one from a sheet of rubber gasket material from an auto parts store so you can try different size holes until your happy with the pressure. Even a cheap inline valve regulator would work to control the water. If your using those nylon/plastic type hoses they do not last for very long and will leak where ever you kink the hose. You will spend more money on replacing cheap hoses then you would to buy a good one one time.


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              Bought a new one from Home Depot

              today. The ranch next to me told me their hoses were splitting at their horse wash and they bought a new one that isn't. I went to Home Depot got a Good Year Commercial black hose but it only comes in 50ft. So I put it tonight and put added the pressure valve on the front between the faucet and the new hose. Last time I put it between the hose and the trailer. We will see in the next week if it holds.

              It was splitting everywhere ... a few feet from the faucet one direction, spewing water another foot away in the opposite direction ... various places. The hose also looked like it had expanded (bulgie -- is that a word??? or fat).

              I tried to see if I could change the pressure. I called the water company and that would be a no as my equipment is over 50 years old and they are not replacing equipment at this time (budget cuts) but I could pay for it myself. NOT. Last time I had the phone company out to see if I could add phone service to my building, they told me it would be $74K for a new pole, wiring, etc etc. I told him, "no thanks -- $74K will pay for a lot of cell phone bills" Really, what are they thinking.

              My fingers are crossed.