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  • Grooming tip #16

    As a mobiler, I’ve always tried to expedite my chores after a long day of grooming, especially in the winter, so with filling up the water tank as my WORST chore in winter, I thought I would go the extra mile an have an outside faucet, that never freezes, installed. However…a word of caution regarding those outside faucets. Make sure your plumber checks out how thick your foundation wall is before installation. These faucets have a 12” long stem, with the shut off valve in the back, and when installed, this part should be sticking into your heated basement. If you have a thick foundation, like I do, 16” thick stone, the stem, with the shut off valve, is still embedded in the foundation, and they can and DO freeze. I’ve had two different types installed and each one still freezes, due to the valve not receiving the heat of the cellar, but embedded in stone, which has no insulation factor at all. The plumber even wrapped the second one with insulation, but alas……. They work great on normal foundations, so most of you guys probably would benefit on having one installed.

    Happy Killing the Plumber !!

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