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  • emergency cat groom

    I was at the shop grooming when my cell went off.
    "mobile grooming," I answered.
    "Do you groom cats?" He asked.
    "Yeppers, love doing cats," I replied.
    "My cat just needs his butt shaved; he has poop on it.He doesn't need any thing else done."
    I quoted him a price 5.00 less than my base small dog groom price and told him I could come out on Monday.
    "we really need you to come do him today if you possibly could; we want to have you every months."
    "well, I could come out tonight about 6.

    Got there, took clippers inside, slicker brush and towel.
    Owners put 20 lb cat on dining room table; wrapped him in the towel; they pinned him on his back; I shaved the butt , under tail and inside of thighs. brushed out loose hair from clipping; turned cat loose; groom and clean up: less than 10 minutes; they tipped and booked for next month.
    wish I could get a few more like that.
    "He really needs

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    Sweet! I have one next thursday that is too fat to clean himself, so it's just a butt shave. Cat's can be such easy money when they are good. And I find the owners are so much more appreciative.