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Took Charge And Got The Dog Done

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  • Took Charge And Got The Dog Done

    I had a new older woman who had a very skiddish, nervous dog. It was in the kitchen when I got there. Then she could not catch it to leash. I waitied out in my rig for her about 10 long minutes. Then she says she can't get her out from under the bed, and offered me $10 for gas. I told her I cancelled another dog for hers and being the Holiday season I could have done other dogs in this slot, and I will get this dog in my rig. I can't afford a loss of income because the dog isn't trained. So I told her ring the doorbell, she'll come out. I got her in the rig, and she was ok (no muzzle til nails and her expressed herself anal butt) I now know she must have her on leash before I arrive next time. Got my money and left her with a clean dog.

    This little poodle is a fear-biter, but not all that bad. BTW I had just purchased $65 worth of gas on the way there.

    Do people really think $10 is ok? When I came to earn my daily income?

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    Your story reminded me of a poo that I had to pick up and bring to the shop to groom. When I arrived, the lady was laying on her bed in her underwear and the dog was under the bed growling at me. Needless to say, I would not let the dog win!! I got him out with a leash and took him with me, we became best friends. I still think about him after all these years.


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      At least she offered you something... how many people would be like.. " oh well... guess i'm cancelling" you could have a minimum charge for the housecall.... say... 30 or something.


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        sounds like it worked out

        I think the sounds of the little dog is one that is spoiled and untrained. You went out of your way to capture the dog ... LOL but I can see your reasoning, its money lost. Alot of it. She wasn't thinking of a min. service call fee, she was thinking of only 'gas' but there is much more to it ... still, it is maybe better to give people a break one time, if they cancel... rather than snob em, because it comes back to you I think. But, if ppl take advantage then ...write em off. You did this dog a favor actually I think, because if its a fear biter (are ya sure its not a bossy biter? LOL) then many groomers will nto deal with that. And I have a feeling that sooner or later you will be friends with this dog and there will not be any more nervousness. . . she's lucky to have called you. I hope she rebooked!!

        But one comment caught my eye: a person was on the bed in their 'underwear' and the dog underneath growling. LOL... hey if I showed up to groom a dog and the person was on their bed in their undies...I think I'd say... buh bye!!! toooo weird for me. dont ppl have a clue? my gosh!!! the dog growlin under the bed would be the least of my worries in that scenario!! eeks. yuckers!!!


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          I have a bich/poo that I do ever 6 weeks and the last time I was there, I had to chase the dog under the owner's queen bed, through the bathroom, into the overstuffed walk in closet the size of a small bedroom, chase him around the island in the "closet", and pick through the hung clothing to find him. Meanwhile I had tracked in a load of rain from my shoes and pants, had to go back outside to grab the grooming loop and re-find him. Owner wasn't home, hence the wild goose chase. I think I'll tell her to lock him in the bathroom next time.
          What a pain in the arse that was.