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Wag n Tails Pet Pro, Sprinter or Elite?

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  • Wag n Tails Pet Pro, Sprinter or Elite?

    Has anyone owned both?
    Would you start off large w/ the Elite or with a Pro or Sprinter and upgrade later? Isn't it worth going large and having room for two groomers rather than go for the cheaper, smaller (no restroom) PetPro or Sprinter. Decisions, decisions. If given the chance, which would you go for?

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    I have both

    Pet pro and elite go for the elite it is awesome mine is 5 yrs old i still love everything about it bathroom is a big plus also room for 2 or 3 people any ? i can help with please pm me more than happy to help ! and happy holidays!!!


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      Gas mileage and manueverability are factors for me. I like my Pet Pro.
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