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  • Guess it was too much?

    I was doing two bath dogs quite a distance from my usual area; she paid well plus a 20 tip.
    While I was drying the first one, a lady knocked on my door. I invited her in; she asked how much to bathe two pugs. I told her, that since I was already in the area, it would only be such and such. She said, let me ask my husband. She went to their car, which was stopped in front on my van; she leaned in the window to talk to her hubby, then suddenly got in the car and they screeched off like I had shot at them.
    The owner of the little dogs I was doing, came out and asked what she wanted. I told her, and she grimaced; it seems the people keep their two little pugs in a pen in the back yard, year round; never let them inside,a nd never give them any attention.
    That is when she went in and got my money and tipped me the 20. One of her dogs is a puggle, and the other some little terrier/mix with very long legs that is very timid; and freaks out if she tries to take her anywhere. she stayed in the van and the dog did very well. I welcome owners into the van, especially with some the little terrified babies I do, and they love it.

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    Hey, quality grooming aint cheap! If they want cheap, they need to buy a bottle of shampoo and put their dog in their own durn bathtub! Glad you got a nice tip from your client, seems like around here the Christmas tips & gifts are much smaller than usual (if any). But thats OK, as long as they keep booking future appts, I can be happy - tip or no tip. But, I will be the first to admit, I sure do appreciate those Christmas cookies & goodies! Got a big bag of still warm Peanut butter cookies yesterday! YUM!!


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      She'd have to bring the poor things into the house to put them in the tub

      I would've been waving bye bye as they screeched away. Some people are odd.


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        There was a "clue" that these folks weren't going to be clients right away. "I have to ask my husband" (or wife or whatever) This 99+% lets you know you will never hear from them again. But you got the added bonus of actually seeing the reaction and got sound effects too!