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  • Nothing funny on this type of death

    Today I groomed a Lhasa Apso that had stepped on those mouse traps that are made with a black sticky tar paper, that snares the mouse by adhering to its feet. Let me tell you, that stuff really is sticky and coated that poor dog’s feet and was a devil to get it off its pads, in between the toes, and the beard. But, the point of this post is, the cruelty to the mouse that is entrapped by this product. Where was the humane society when this product was released to the public? I hate mice as much as the next person, and since I live out in the country, I usually get one or two mice in the house in the Fall, and I trap them in a more humanly way, by the old fashion mouse trap that instantly kills them. But, this sticky stuff is probably the worse death for any creature on earth, to have it’s paws impaired until it finally dies in 2-3 days after the owner pitches it into the garbage. Please folks, if you want to rid your house of a mouse, use the old fashion way, the mouse trap that instantly kills, and please don’t let that mouse suffer for days on end pulling at it’s little feet to free himself until he eventually dies of thirst, hunger or the elements.

    Nothing happy about this post

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    Actually I have seen much still squirming around after getting trapped in the "old fashioned" type mouse trap...Now that have ones that electrocute them..I don't think any of them are humane, but I guess you do what you gotta do....Fortunately I don't have any rodents in my house or grooming shop...


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      I'm with you on this one. I hate those things. Some sick fool must have thought up those.


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        the most humane way to get rid of mice is to get a 5 gallon bucket, put seed at the bottom. place a piece of wood against the side so that the mouse can walk up and then fall into the bucket. take the bucket outside to a field or elsewhere and dump the mouse.
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          I agree. Those things disgust me. I don't understand why they haven't been banned.
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            I have even heard where the person who put the trap down will not find a mouse but a foot or two... ugh just disgusting...reminds me alot of the old bear claw traps hunters would use & the animals would naw their foot off to escape. I do like the 5 gallon bucket with seed ...trap & release them where they belong.


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              Aw that's sad, never had a problem with mice so really don't know much about it,


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                Originally posted by amberstarr View Post
                trap & release them where they belong.
                Then they are back at your place again waiting for that 5 gal bucket of seed!

                We had a lot of mice one year, hundreds of them! And we really aren't even out in the country! In our sheds in the backyard, who knows how soon they would have been in the house and in my shop.
                My dad was living with us at the time and what he did was get a 5 gal plastic bucket, fill it half full of water, run a little string across it, smeared with peanut butter. As the mice ran across the string they fell into the bucket and drowned. In a week we were rid of the mice, and never have been over run with that many before. Sorry if this isn't the most humane way to get rid of them, but it worked, and they enjoyed a little taste of peanut butter before they met their death.

                We usually get a few in the garage during the winter, but we are able to get them with the old mouse traps in just a short time.
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                  you know what they come back 3 legged

                  Originally posted by workingchihuahua View Post
                  the most humane way to get rid of mice is to get a 5 gallon bucket, put seed at the bottom. place a piece of wood against the side so that the mouse can walk up and then fall into the bucket. take the bucket outside to a field or elsewhere and dump the mouse.
                  OK I have a story to tell. Now I think mice can be cute but they are rodents and they poop all over, that can be a health hazzard when wet as can their little bodies carry disease.... so I prefer to rid them of my property. I was living out on 10 acres once a few years back, and they invaded the well room /furnace room in the garage something fierce. I set those traps, ... they snapped em w/out getting caught, many of em (not all, some died)... so here I am with snapped traps and no dead mice. I eventually left down poison that kilsl them by thinning their blood and they bleed out. What can ya do. you do what you gotta do....

                  well one of em snapped off in a trap before the poison... and I thought it was dead. That leg was in the trap. So I tossed it out into the field far far away. Do you know, several days later.... I had a 3 legged mouse runnin around in that same furnace room -- I SAW it. And it ran FAST away when I opened the door. I dont remember if I ever saw it again...because after that i put poison down and that eventually did the trick. They eat it,... and they run off into the field and die.

                  So... I'm not so sure the snap traps are humane either... that little thing lived..played dead... had its leg torn up and started running around.. and came back.


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                    I don't think there is really any humane way to trap them they just now have ways were they go inside and you don't have to watch them suffer but the screech of anything in distress and fight or die mode is just awful. Even poison just thins the blood so much they bleed to death internally YUCK

                    That is all of my cat's jobs to catch mice and it's not humane either but it's better than having the little poop machines in my kitchen. The cats always have to torture and play with the things first.

                    If we can intervene and catch them before the cats kill them and throw them outisde we do but even then sometimes they have already been injured by a cat so they probably don't survive the impending infection that ensues.


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                      I can vouch for this personally. If you have a Chihuahua don't buy the glue paper traps.
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                        There is no "humane" way to kill, even when you take a pet to the vet for euthenasia. They suffocate.
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                          You need a couple of cats to solve the mice problem.


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                            Could be worse:

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                            For what its worth, I hate those glue traps, too. What a nasty way to go.
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                              My aunt uses the glue traps and i hated them. One day her cat got into one. The cat was running franticllay through the house with one back paw and the tail stuck, thinking it was being chased. the best way we found to get that gooey stuff off is baby oil.

                              We have mice in our house and only one of the two cats will catch them. So far in the past 8 months he's caught probably 8-9. I try to save them before he hurts them and bring them far far away, but many times they are terribly injured but still alive. I am not able to kill them myself and get so upset that they are suffering. I've tried, really, to find a way I could put them out of their misery. At the pet store they used to throw them against the wall to break their necks before giving them to the snakes. Don't want a scarred up snake to sell from a mice trying to fight being eaten! Some would also put the mice in the freezer to let them die that way. Of course I've also woken up to find parts of mice left from Spook as well. Saw a raisin on the floor and picked it up to find it was a mouse head! My mom had mice in one of her homes and she used the D-Con. She said it was awful because the mice would come out to the middle of the room to die and it was a disgusting mess. She wouldn't use it again.
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