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When a male client wants housecall...

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  • When a male client wants housecall...

    Almost all of my clients who set up appointments for housecall are female. This is the 3rd, maybe 4th new client that was male, and this guy was kinda creeping me out.

    In the past I've asked male clients to come to my home first, with my husband at home, so I can groom their cat as well as do a meet and greet. I'll even pay for cab fare if they do not have the ability to drive.

    This particular man refuses to do a meet and greet though he's only 3 miles away, so I asked if my husband and I could meet ahead of time so my worries over being alone in a stranger's house that is male wouldn't be so prevalent, and he said no. I ended up turning the client away and saying "Maybe a mobile groomer is more for you, or another housecall groomer." This was my choice, not my husband's.

    Am I being irrational about this? How could I have handled it better? Maybe I should learn some kung fu?

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    No I would be iffy on that too. I only do shop grooming, and I am glad that I have my cousins or friends work with me sometimes because I have some creeepy guys come in...Just the fact that he wouldn't do the meet & greet is enough for me to be like...ok, what's going on? Or, I would bring my husband with me in that case, or a weapon of


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      No I don't think you are being irrational at all in fact I told my hubby I'd rather meet most new people during the day time who's to say a woman can't call but have a man there waiting when you get there.

      I carry pepper spray and always leave name, address and phone # with hubby so he knows where I am going at all times. You can also look up names and address on the state or federal sex offenders list or search for offenders in your neighborhood to see if his name pops (I'll tell ya I found a few in the Rocky Hill, Wethersfield area) and some of them are women.

      I wouldn't do him either if he's not willing to meet ahead of time there's just no logical reason not to. Maybe you can tell the next person who objects it's the only way you'll be able to tell what to charge if you see the pet first and call it a consultation (even if hubby comes but waits outside) and you have a signal or alarm for danger.


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        I think it was a wise move to have listened to your gut feelings.


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          When a situation makes you nervous, you should listen to your instincts. While learning self defense is never a bad idea, you simply shouldn't put yourself into a compromising situation. Client isn't interested in following your standard procedure, they shouldn't be your client.


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            always trust your instincts.
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              If you're uncomfortable, you have every right to deny services to anyone.
              A bit OT, but am I reading correctly that you have different policies for male vs. female clients?


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                If something seems fishy and doesn't feel right it probably isn't. You're right, there is no reason not to meet with you, you probably spared yourself a scary time by trusting your feeling and not taking the job.


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                  I have a grown male relative i can bring as well as a grown male friend.
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                    You are not being irrational, that was proper judgment in my opinion.


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                      Originally posted by Kifaru View Post
                      A bit OT, but am I reading correctly that you have different policies for male vs. female clients?
                      And what if she does? (I am not asking this unkindly, BTW)
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                        Personally, if it were me, I think I'd schedule consultation visit for every new client, male and female. You can just tell them you'd like to come to their home to make sure you know how to get there, to meet the pet and evaluate the time you will need to spend and also the cost. This just makes sense to me. Then you can just bring your husband, or at least another person, with you too, to make you more comfortable.

                        Definitely trust your instincts. I know it's a cliche, but "better safe than sorry" is very true!


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                          Originally posted by blue View Post
                          And what if she does? (I am not asking this unkindly, BTW)
                          nothing what if she does, I was just asking if that was the case. The OP reads as if she has different policies for clients based on their sex, so I asked for clarification.


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                            As clarification...

                            I don't advertise. I get the majority of clients from 3 vets, then after that it's a referral type of deal (neighbor of a current client, that sort of thing), but this person wasn't (He simply called the vet and got my info).

                            I think with any person that got my info without knowing someone I know I would probably want them to meet me somehow on my terms, or I would do a little research to see how they found out about me and who they know that I also know.

                            If it's a female, usually I'm not as stringent, but with a male I just am because I don't want to go into a man's house by myself and not at least meet him ahead of time. It's not like if a guy met my husband they would be shaking in their boots with fear, but at least if I get stuffed in a basement or something, well then my husband could identify the bastard in a criminal lineup. That's all.


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                              Ok the whole thread gives me the heebie jeebies. Ending up in a basement doesn't sound fun ... I would rather be dead then kept.

                              I took a self defense class and the cop said that most women said they knew something wasn't right before they were raped ... call it instinct or the Holy Spirit but he said trust it. It is ok to scream like a crazy person and bang on a door then it is to hold your composure and have something happen.

                              Good for you for not going.