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Is this a dumb idea to heat water?

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  • Is this a dumb idea to heat water?

    My van uses the engine to heat the water. When I bought it there was a copper coil in the fresh tank that the coolant passed through and dang did that water heat up fast and get HOT. Well it cracked so the mechanic said he would fix it but didn't feel comfortable putting in another copper coil so it's just 10 feet of heater hose in the tank. Now it takes forever to heat water so I put warm water in before I go anywhere and then the van keeps it at a nice temp all day. So I was wondering, if I wrapped the heater hose itself in some kind of copper wiring, would that help the transfer of heat in any way? The hoses are insullated so of course they are not meant to give off heat well. I have no idea if wrapping them in some kind of wiring would do much of anything, but it was a thought I had. Thanks!

    PS I'm too chicken to cut the hose myself and add another copper coil. After washing two dogs in diluted antifreeze when I didn't know about the crack I'd be afraid of screwing something up and having another leak. Hubby has vowed not to touch anything in the van as he wants nothing to do with the repairs.
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    get a better mechanic who is comfortable with putting things back the way they were, not trying to improve on things he knows nothing about.


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      Maybe he would agree to it if you take a piece of copper to a radiator shop and have it coated with radiator paint so it wont react to the water in the tank. You may even ask the radiator shop to put proper fittings on the ends of the pipe for you that have barbs to grab the heater hose better. Less chance of having any antifreeze leak into the clean water that way.


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        Ditto the above response.