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    Ok I thought I would post about this since a few people PMd me about it......

    On Sunday I attended the Creative Grooming seminar in Temecula Ca. It was at the American Grooming Academy owned by Angela Clark. The seminar was done by Christy Van Cleave. It was a lot of fun and very informative. We got to try out a lot of different things like chalk, permanent and semi permanent dyes, stenciling and airbrushing. Christy is very knowledgeable and a great speaker. The class was small so there was plenty of one on one, but everyone mingled and we had a great time. They even served a yummy lunch!
    They are planning more great seminars like hand stripping, sporting dogs, poodles ect... I think they are going to try to do 1 per month. They also have a monthly meet up for mobile groomers, and if I did'nt live over an hour away I would definatly be going to that too!! I hope in the future they promote these a little better so more people know about them ( ok, not really... I kinda liked all the one on one time!) I can't wait to attend more things put on by Christy and Angela..... We had a great time!

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    Sounds like a blast! Wish there was something like that close to me.
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      It was a lot of fun. The poor puppy's looked like badly tied dyed t shirts by the time we were done with them. I really appreciated being able to mess with all the different dyes, blo-pens, air brush, chalk etc without worry.

      Here are a couple of pictures of Christy after we were finished playing with all the different stuff they provided.



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        I would have gone

        Had I known about it, Curbside, can you PM me with the contack info?


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          Looks like the dogs had fun too, even though yes they look like tye dyed pups.
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