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    This is my first winter as a mobile groomer. my 55 gal. water tank was frozen. I have no time to empty and fill every day, so today I emptied completely the tank and the water heater, and carry 2 large buckets with water, I bought a manual water heater, and I bathed the 2 dogs of the day getting the warm water of the buckets with a cup. What else can I do. dogs seem to like this way, no pressure water on his bodies, heads or faces. I think I will follow this system till the spring.

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    You're kidding right?!! There's no way to heat the area around your water tanks?


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      That does not sound like a good plan to me for many reasons. The biggest one being you'll have a broken back by spring. I cannot imagine doing that everyday. Put some heaters in your van every night. It's takes all of five minutes to put them in the van and plug them in. What you are doing makes no sense to me at all. Sorry.


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        Im glad you figured something out but it sounds like a big fat pain in the butt to me. Why not get a water heater insulation blanket to wrap around your tanks? You can also get an electric blanket from a thrift store, wrap it around the tank, and turn it on at night to keep things toasty.

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          Every mobiler I know that lives where it gets cold (except owners of Ultimates) have heaters running in the back during the winter. I have two in the back actually. If you have an Ultimate you either need to make the time to empty and fill every day or you need to have heaters running. Don't know your set up exactly, but you may have a pipe or something else burst if you keep allowing it to freeze.
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            Maybe we can help you with your problems, with more info on what you have for a mobile and what you are doing to keep it from freezing. First thing is to get it inside somewhere and put all your heat on and space heaters to melt it for now. I dont really see the bucket thing working to well, and what happens when you have more than two dogs in a day?
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              thanks for your suggestions..

              I have a trailer, the trailer is big (there's no room in my back yard or garage to park) so it is parked in a storage parking 2 miles away my home. that's why I have no chance to heat anything during the night. last saturday, when suddenly I noticed the water was frozen, I asked the owner of the dog if I can washed it in her house. she said yes, but I cannot aske this to every customer. sounds crazy, but my only solution is the "bucket system"
              right now .


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                Does your trailer have a furnace system? The only things a furnace needs to operate is propane and a 12 volt battery for the fan. Set the furnace thermostat to its lowest setting and you will have enough heat to keep the tank from freezing, and the fan will not run all night long.

                When you work during the day and either plug in or run a generator, the 12 volt battery will recharge. You can also put a solar panel on the roof to help in the recharging process.

                If you don't have a furnace onboard, look into a catalytic space heater at any camping supply house, it only uses fuel and no electricity. You would have to leave a roof vent partially open for ventilation during the night.
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                  Can you install a propane heater in your trailer? I know some mobiles use propane heaters to keep their rigs from freezing.
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                    Call up the manufacturing company that built your trailer, they will know how to keep it from freezing. This is why it is so important to choose a strong, reliable company that you purchase you van/trailer from, these unexpected problems do occur for all of us, and it is a comfort to be able to pick up the phone and get answers immediately. They spend thousands on engineering plans for the guts of the mobile, to prevent these "hickups".

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