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That was a new one on me!

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  • That was a new one on me!

    Well I was at church on Sunday and it was my day in the nursery. one of the moms was in there and we were chatting. Somehow got talking about jobs and she asked me "what do you do again?" I told her I own a mobile grooming business and she said "Oh yeah, I remembered you owned some kind of cleaning service."
    Never heard it referred to like that! even though her tone was a bit "put-downish" I had to laugh. Offices, dogs, whats the difference, we're just getting them clean LOL
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    I have a friend who is a mobile groomer who used to own a mobile carpet cleaning business. She always tells people she cleans dogs, but she started out cleaning up their messes!


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      If she only knew how well you do "clean up!"