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  • Annoying! (long)

    Just have to vent to people who've 'been there.' Have a client with a blind Shih. Smokey is actually pretty good other than trying to run around in circles in the tub. I've groomed him about 5 times now and the first time I groomed him, Mom was concerned about him because he's blind. I assured her he's be okay. I even told her she could stay for the bath and watch the rest through the window. She declined. The second time I groomed him, she was concerned about "Smokey getting germs from other dogs" I assured her that I disinfect tub and table in between dogs. Third time she felt he wasn't very clean the next day. I offered to come by and give Smokey a free bath. She said to forget it. I told her I wanted her to be happy so I did not have a problem going over to re-bath him. She accepted, but later called to cancel. Then after that, it was, he seemed sensitive around his bum due to anal glands. Anyway, he was scheduled for Wednesday this week, but since he was the only one I had for that day, I called his Mom last week to see if she could move him to today. (Monday) I called her on Sunday to confirm the appt and I got an okay. So I get a call this morning at 8:30. It's Smokey's Mom calling to cancel today's appt. It's been raining since early this morning and due to rain all week. We're in Southern CA, so when it drizzles, people act like were having a huge storm. She says, "I'd like to change my appt back to Wednesday, Smokey doesn't want to go outside to potty, and I don't want to pay $____ then have him go outside and get all muddy. ( she has cement and grass in her backyard!) I said, "okay. but I don't have anything available for Wed." AND remember, the weather forcast says it's supposed to rain all week. "then I'll just have to call someone else." she says. I just calmly said, "then we're cancelling Smokey for today?" "yes." "then I'll take him off the the book for today" I say. These kind of people just crack me up! They no longer bother me, cause I know I can replace her with someone who will appreciate an appt. Just annoying! There. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I can play till 10:30 so I can see my next client at 11:00. Have a great day, fellow groomers!

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    Sounds like a nice dance to get out of!

    Good for you! BUH BYE BYE


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      Bye, Bye!


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        Take her off the books forever!
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          Good riddance to a real PITA!


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            I really hate the people that always have something to complain about. I feel like I do a great job, make a point to be very thorough, but some people have a cow if one little hair is out of place. None of us need that kind of stress, unless those customers have done our job day in and day out, they really have no business being so darn nitpicky.
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              yup... Im just trying to get started in mobile but I guess there comes a time when too much is too much. Several complaints really worried... not trusting you... then cancel last minute... bc of weather.

              Here, I think if someone cancels due to weather, well, i will not have room for them on the books. Because the weather changes far too frequently. Especially in winter and spring. If you want to cancel at least give 72 hours notice ...I suppose I'd be a little more tolerant of that.

              You wanna make money but geez.


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                Yeah. Buh Bye! I booked a new client last week and did the dogs today. SWEET, SWEET family. Sweet dogs. Nice tip! They rescheduled for 4 weeks. I didn't even have to ask. Later Smokey!


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                  Originally posted by fiveoclockdog View Post
                  Take her off the books forever!

                  I would too, I can carry a grudge.