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  • What's up with Pet Silk Conditioner

    Does anyone use the Pet Silk conditioner? I love their shampoo, but the conditioner does not dissolve in my water. When I squirt the conditioner in a pitcher of warm water, it just floats. I try to break it up with my fingers, but to no avail. I have even let it sit overnight thinking that may be it would then dissolve, but it didn’t. When I pour the pitcher of water and conditioner on the dog, it looks like curdled milk. Has anyone experienced this, or did I get a “bad batch” of conditioner? I’m planning on calling the company, but I first wanted to know if this was just a fluke.

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    Things that make you go hmmm

    Yep you hit it on the head, Sounds like they either forgot the emulsifier or had the Ph so radically wrong during formulation ,it unactivated it. try some thing, squirt some in a small glass and pore in some IPA (rubbing alcohol) and mix it up. Then add it to water and see if its admissible.


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      I don't know, I bought some to try and hated the stuff. It's way to thick for my taste and clumpy too. The only way to apply it was to put it directly on the dog and work it in. Then rinse. But I still didn't like it. Personally, I'm in love with Coat Handler products so far, and one other product.... Davis, Oatmeal & baking soda shampoo. MMMMMMMmmmmmm Good!
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        Squirt it into

        your Super Sudser drain and it will come out the sprayer and onto the dog perfectly!