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The OFFICIAL Trailer vs. Truck/Van Thread

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  • The OFFICIAL Trailer vs. Truck/Van Thread

    One of the most common questions in the last 12 years on our message boards is...

    Going mobile, truck/van or trailer?

    Good question, but since it has been answered so many times the new inquiries don't get a lot of answers.

    Let's do this with your help mobile groomers. We will make this the OFFICIAL thread to answer that question, and make it a sticky pinning it here. I know you may have answered before but to help others will you answer one more time inside this thread please?

    Then we can point future inquiries on this topic to this official thread.

    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of

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    What a great Idea! I've been mobile almost 3 years with a trailer and now wondering if an Elite would be easier than putting wear and tear on my truck. THANKS!!


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      I love my trailer! Its an Ambers Mobile trailer with a bathroom, double axel, and room for 2! It's easy to tow. The only bad thing for me is I live close to the beach where parking is BAD..... All parallel street parking and not much of it! So there are places I can't and won't go because it is too hard to park. On another note, if clients really want me to do therir dogs they come to my house. Other than that I really like the trailer.


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        I have a Hanvey Sprinter. It's a perfect fit for my life and my lifestyle. I live in the suburbs of NYC where I have a small driveway so a large van or trailer wouldn't work. Because I groom mostly small dogs I have just the right amount of power with my inverter system. I'm working in it almost four years....I LOVE it!


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          the new ford cargo van

          anybody seen the new 2010 ford cargo van its little... it says the inside area is (I think) 14 feet but, I'm not sure that is true maybe it was 11. lol. anyway they look small driving by but are cute... I'm just wondering if anybody is designing a mobile from one of those little 4cyl babies. I'd love to do it...but the cost. sigh. maybe someday. but then I'm wondering how i'd fit it all and frankly..I dont think it can be done in there. because I think the 14 feet is the entire car length. trying to figure out how one would fit gray/fresh water (in cold weather they need to be inside) plus tub, power etc etc.


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            Ford Pet Pro Van!

            I am the proud owner of a 2009 WNT Ford Pet Pro van and wouldn't trade it for anything. It has the perfect amount of space for me, with everything I need built in. It is powered by both an inverter and a generator. I use the inverter to power everything, and only turn on the generator to run my force dryer, my kool dry, or my air conditioner.

            It fits me perfectly because where I live I am not allowed to park a trailer, and don't have the space for anything larger than this. I really love my Pet Pro and couldn't be happier.


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              I own a 2006 Pet Pro. I think the Pet Pro is the best for manuerverability and compact efficiency. I have to say WnT thought of everything.... they are bug free! (Pun intended ;D ) I never feel cramped in it either and between the windows and flourescents there's lots of light. Best office on wheels one could ask for!
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                I wonder if a trailer would've been better.

                I have an ultimate groom mobile. Not that I don't like it. I don't like the payment. Guess I shouldn't complain. Some of you have really expensive vans to pay for. But I wonder if it would've been cheaper to build your own trailer. Of course that is easier to say now that i know what to do from having my van. My dad is an electrician and built his own home so he could def do it for me. It would be so much cheaper! although you would still need a vehicle to pull it. The good thing about that is you can use that vehicle for non work purposes. Yeah I have a nice van. But I have a ****** old car. Not That I drive it a lot. My other concern would be the weather. Wonderful upstate NY winters. SNOW! How does a trailer handle in snow? My van isn't very good in the snow either. And honestly last winter I banged the van up. So I made myself promise I won't go out if the roads are bad. So I am not sure a trailer would be a problem. Anyone in snowy weather have a trailer? Just my thoughts on a Trailer.

                So I think a van is easier. Especially for someone just starting out. It's a little nerve racking when you first drive the van. Now I laugh at the thought of me being scared to drive it. No rearview mirror to use. No Problem. I am a side mirror pro now. Trailers would def be harder to handle but I know I would get the hang of it.


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                  Van vs. Trailer

                  I have a trailer and it works for me. I have two friends that USE to own Van conversions. We all live in the upper Midwest, cold winters! They were contending with tanks freezing up and non starting or broke down vehicles. So, when I went mobile, it was a very easy choice to make, I went Trailer. The reason is that if my motor vehicle breaks down, I just back another vehicle up to the trailer, and never miss a appointment. As far as the freezing tanks go, All my tanks are inside the trailer and keep trailer plugged in at all times for heat, in the winter months. (and typically would have to do that with a Vanas well) I use to have a dirty water tank under the trailer, no matter how many heaters you put on them, they would freeze. I learned the lesson the hard way, and the trailer was broke down for 24 hours one time, till it could be temporarily modified. I always keep a spare pump, spare dryer handy as well, just in case. I pride myself in being prompt and never calling off an appointment except in blizzard or very deep snow. I now am building my second trailer and have another groomer to soon run the other trailer. Yes, I have to insure both trailer and motor vehicle, but even so, it's more than worth it. Again, if your towing vehicle breaks down you can at least rent a vehicle to pull with, but I don't know anyone you can rent a van conversion on a moments notice.
                  So, for what it's worth, that's why I went with a trailer (the first was a 5 foot by 10 foot).


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                    I have an 07 pet pro van and I love every little thing about it. I love wagntails. I want to go with the elite next time, mainly because it has a potty. lol


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                      I have a 6X12 trailer that my boyfriend and I built ourselves. My biggest challenge is usually parking since I groom in alot of subdivision neighborhoods. I would love to have a WagnTails van, but I definately do not want the payments. We have talked about going with a van the next time and just keep the trailer for backup. Only real reason I opted for a trailer over a van to begin with was how inexpensive it was to put together. I pull my horse trailer with my truck, so I really did not want another vehicle to insure.


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                        I always wondered what I would do if my motor gave out,I barow a friends truck and work the next day. Elite would be the way for me I am spoiled with all the room of my trailer.
                        Parking has never been issue, carry a cone in town I have and do park around the cornner at the beach. No breakdown and lots of room my vote is with the trailer.


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                          2002 dodge ram e3500. i love, love, love , love it.
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                            Very economical starting out and I love the room. My DH goes with me and I have plenty of room for him and a large dog,too. Had the trailer for 3 years and am still glad I started with it.
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                              I have two vans love them Wagntails they r the best.It does get a little hard to drive in the wind on the fwy thow.