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What can I say to a potiential client

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  • What can I say to a potiential client

    What are the selling points you use for your mobile. I have been saying stuff like I bring a grooming salon to your door. one on one grooming ect... but I am still getting people being shell shocked about grooming prices. I am ten dollars more than the shops. I have noticed a trend, the shops in my area have lowered there prices. I called one shop I asked How much for a cocker her price was what I charge to do a bath on a small dog .

    Any ideas?

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    I use time as a big selling point for mobile....driving to a shop can be an all day experience for some people...being mobile is usually a matter of an hour. Don't be surprised at all the people who are shocked at your prices..just wait it out and you will find the clients you need. For every clients that faints at your price, you will find the ones that respond with how reasonable your prices are to them. I have a client with a standing 2 week appointment for her Sheltie. She asks me every time if I raised my prices yet. When I tell her no..she hands me 20 bucks with a lecture on how I need to make a decent living. Gotta love that..


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      I talk about convenience and dogs being more calm. I also have windows so the client can see in and the dog can see out. Not having to leave them all day. I use the highest quality products or all natural. If the client works I can go groom the dog while they're at work and they don't have to be bothered with grooming at all. Beautiful hand scissor work for those who want that. Very pampering experience for thir pup.
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        I'm not mobile, but I can definitely think of plenty of benefits to clients by using a mobile groomer! No kennels! No other dogs barking. Much less time away from home (never even have to leave the driveway!) One-on-one time from start to finish (some groomers charge extra for an "express" groom and all of yours are express grooms!) I would emphasize the "pampered pet" aspect of it. Some people love the idea that they go above and beyond to spoil their pets. "Nothing is too good for my baby!"


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          Some of my clients tell me that their dog came home from the salon in a very nervous state, some had 2 days of diarrhea, plus others say that their pet refused to get into the car, knowing it was going to the salon. However, I think that most of my clients just like the convenience of mobile grooming, I have about 10 clients that are never home when I groom their pet. Check out my website on the “benefits” of mobile grooming. You might get an idea or two to relay back to potential clients. Also check out other mobile's sites.

          I also think that you should be much, much more than $10 above salon prices. Check out the average prices that are listed on this web site for mobilers in your particular state.

          Happy Gaining New Clients

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            I agree with everyone above! I use the "your dog is the only dog I'm working on" point and that they don't spend one minute in a kennel. Also, for those that get nervous, I like to make sure they know the dog can see their house from the truck and also for the clients that get nervous taking their dog somewhere, I make sure they know that they can see in if they so chose. I don't encourage them to be IN the truck, but they are more then welcome to watch thru the front window (cuz the dog is usually facing the other way) or if it's dark, they can see in my side windows without the dog seeing them.


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              Good points, everyone! I do alot of stay at home mom families. I stayed home for 3 years while my daughter was a baby and I can tell you, these moms are not eating bon bons in front of the tv! You can stress that besides carting the kids everywhere, they don't have to be doggie chaufer. Also, know when to stop trying to "sell" your services. You'll find people that appreciate your service with out having to lower your prices and trying to change their minds.


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                I agree you should be charging more than $10 over shop prices. I am almost amazed people are shocked at your "super high" grooming prices. I guess they think you should come to their house and give their dog special one on one treatment for no extra cost. For only $10 dollars more your phone should be ringing off the hook.


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                  Thanks for the great replys!!!!!!

                  I was thinking of raising my prices in January on my new cusomers, I think in June I will raise it agian on my lower priced dogs. I have checked with some of the other mobilers in the area and they charge more but they have higher overhead.

                  Many of my clients love the fact that ,If I come to them it is one less errand they have to do, so maybe I will talk that up.

                  I have run an ad on I will also be in the yellowbook itself (in print) for $38 a mionth not to bad!!