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  • Snow

    Alabama style snow,back home this is called sleet or snain lol. Had there been an actual snow event it would not sound like sand hitting a tin roof and it would be all covered with white.
    I guess there will be no more bread or milk for a couple days now. Oh well cookies and spirits it is.

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    hi Doug

    you live in Alabama now? I think I've been living under a rock for a long time lately. was this a job change for you? Well hope you are doing well and surviving the Snain! lol


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      Same work it was just a move to a warmer climate with less winter and more summer. Although this morning it is 24 degrees out so I am still scratching my head over the level of cold here. It was fairly warm even for winter up to a few day ago.
      Winter is supposed to be short and not as cold on average with much hotter summers, I shall see but i wont be surprised if this winter off from the norm after the crazy rainy season.
      The dogs are nice ,so are the people.At least in the small towns they are. I haven't spent any time in the larger cities yet.


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        Well that's great. I know you didn't like snow up here. Me neither, cause the winter here it would snow and rain, then freeze, then your driving on black ice, no fun. Plus constantly keeping warm van isn't an easy task, so I see why you made that move.

        Congratulations, hope your winter isn't too harsh!


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          hi doug!


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            Hay hi howdy there Louie, guess you guys are all busy up there with the mad season upon you.Crazier then normal drivers looking for those Christmas shopping deals. It warmed up yesterday here so I had time to sit in the sun waiting for one of yesterdays dogs.


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              Hi Doug, I know what you are talking about. I live here in South/Central TX since 7 years now and I am originally from Germany. The mild Winters were one of the reason to move over here. But we had already a night with 24 Degrees this year. To be honest the first couple of years it wasn't that cold here. That day it didn't climb up much at daytime either. That is strange. I just stayed at home because I wasn't sure if my little heater in the trailer can keep us warm enough. The next day my water heater told me it is time to change the coil because when it has too much hard water build up, it doesn't heat up the water warm enough. That's what happend when I wanted to bath the first dog.
              I am spoiled from the TX climate. Then I always get out on a Sunday when its a little warmer again. Thank's goodness we don't have snow here (I had enough in Germany, no thank's), and the icey weather never stays long.
              I always ask myself how other people up north cope with the weather as a mobile groomer. I feel for you guys. For us it is harder to cope with the heat here for 8 month.
              On normal winter days, I need the little heater til noon time and then it gets to warm when I turn on the blowdryer. And I hate the condensation water when it is cold outside and warm in my trailer.
              So try to stay warm!!!