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  • Grooming tip #15

    Now that winter is knocking on our mobile van doors, I have found the perfect foot ware against snow and slush. It is lightweight hiking boots. They are ankle height, warm and comfortable, they are waterproof, they have extra long laces to double tie, they are great for foot protection against falling scissors, they have deep treads for traveling safely back and forth to the client’s house, and they are extremely durable. The only thing negative about them is that I have to give them up in the Spring !!

    Happy Hiking !

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    Great tip!
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      This being my first full winter mobile I was wondering what to wear. Didn't think of hiking boots.... good idea.
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        I've worn hiking boots for years too. Other than the really smokin hot days, I wear them all year long.


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          I wear red wing ankle high work boots all year long. I turn into a rabid biotch when my feet get wet, so this is $$ well spent, at least my coworkers think so!
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            I wear something similar, bought them at Walmart for about $30 and have been SOOO surprised at how comfy they are. I think the brand is called "Artic". They are so warm, I don't mind trecking through the snow in them. In fact I even bought a pair for hubby so there is no excuse not to take the kids sledding LOL. His sneakers didn't make it up steep hills very well. In the summer I wear those clogs they sell in petedge, very comfy as well though hubby HATES them. Wants to burn them! he's even hidden them on me so I can't wear them.
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              Best shoe ever MBT gortex. Feet are always warm and dry!!! Love them.