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  • Fill the tank, Empty the tank

    I'm curious as to how often you fill the water tanks. How often do you dump the grey water.
    Is this daily or weekly?

    50 gals. 65 gals.. 5 or 6 dogs a day...

    How about the fuel?

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    I empty & flush my gray water tank every day. Fresh water is always topped off (65 gal tanks btw). I like to run on the top half of my fuel tank, so I rarely allow it to get below 1/2 a tank.

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      I empty my gray water at the end of every workday.
      I fill my fresh water tank at the same time.
      I fuel the mobile at the beginning of every work day.
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        I only have a 35 gallon tank, but add water every day and drain every night. If I only have a few dogs I don't bother filling my tank all the way since I like to add warm water so I can arrive with my water at a good temp. I have a diesel with two fuel tanks, so I'm sure I fill up less often than a van with one gas tank. But with both tanks full, depending on how busy we are it can last me 2 weeks.
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          The freshwater tank is filled daily...sometimes 2 times a day if I have several large dogs during a day. I empy the gray water tank daily, or sometimes I leave it open a little throughout the day.

          Gas really depends on how far I'm going, but I usually fill every other day just as habit.
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            I "top" off the fresh water tank and the gas tank at the end of every day. The grey water valve is open all day, so I'm draining in the street sewers, with no complaints after two years, (this is not illegal in some areas). I just hated the idea of carrying that extra weight all day when I had an option of draining it.

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              I'm able to empty my tank every day in my back yard. I do an average of 4 to 6 dogs a day. (Sometimes more if I do just baths.) I have to fill every morning and I dump it every night when I get home. Some clients allow me to fill up if I have the need in their yards. I only do it when it's conveinient and when it's someone I really, really know. I fill up with gas every few days because when my trailer was built, they didn't put in a gas gauge!


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                Gas is filled up when it gets to the last 1/4 tank. WNT told us that generators sometimes dont run as well with a low gas gauge, so when it gets to the last 1/4, I fill up. Fill up with fresh water every day, sometimes have to get extra during the day if I have a very heavy day or very hairy dogs that use a lot of water. Dump grey water every day at the end of the day.


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                  I groom 6-8/day
                  I empty grey water at the end of each day and fill/top off fresh water at the same time.
                  Gas is topped off on my way home each day.

                  This allows me to start each day with a full tank of water and gas. My appointments start at 8am and I work up to 25 miles from my home so I don't want to spend time in the morning to get gas or fill water.


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                    I have 50 gal water tanks and I empty grey water every evening, and refill the fresh tank at the same time during my evening maintenance/cleaning routine. I will top off my gas tank every other day on the way home from my last appt. It's just easier and I don't end up worrying about getting below 1/2 tank and the generator not starting. Then it's only $15 or $20 here and there rather than one giant fill.


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                      Filling and emptying the water tanks is a daily task, I empty my grey tank when I pull into my driveway and refill the fresh tank while I am cleaning up the van at the end of the day -- if you very busy you may even have to top the fresh tank off during the day. Not a problem in the warmer weather, but most people turn their outside taps off during the winter. If I have a really big day planned, I route myself so I will be near my house for lunchtime and top off the tanks.

                      I haven't had any clients have a problem when I've asked if I could use their water. I have pretty good water-management skills now so I seldom run out unless I have a lot of large hairy dogs, had bad luck parking and wasn't able to make use of the super sudser, and had more than seven in a day.

                      As far as fuel, it's really going to depend on how tight your route is -- obviously the more you are driving the more you are going to have gas up. I usually top off my gas tank when it gets down to half -- about twice a week.



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                        WOW, great info on this thread

                        Thanks to everyone for their experiences. I'm paying attention to this all. I think, for me, the best dumping would be at one of the do-it-yourself carwash places that we have around here. I'll give the van a hose down while there, but mainly will go there to dump with the occasional drain at my curbside as there is a sewer right in front of my house.


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                          Most jurisdictions frown on directly emptying into the sewer, even if it is just soapy water and comparable to what goes in when people wash their cars, which no one seems to care about.

                          I just back up my driveway to my garden and let it dump there. I let the actual water hit my driveway surface because it does come out with a bit of force and was causing some erosion. So it just waters my garden and in the dry season in summer that part of the garden looks great!

                          When I'm working on a rainy day I just leave the drain open and it goes out a little at a time and no one ever even notices.