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Nothing Like A Clean Van Inside & Out

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  • Nothing Like A Clean Van Inside & Out

    I had a water hose leak that was shooting water out the back of my van. I am fortunate to have a 30 yr old neighbor plumber who does great work at a fraction of what an RV place would charge. I am happy to give him the business because he is staying with his mom who had heart surgery. He has his fifth graer honor student daughter ;as he was never married to her mom who gave her up at birth . She has a drug problem, with crazy family. He is an excellent, loving involved dad. His daughter is polite and cute. He is going back to Seattle when school lets out, and his mom is staying and selling the house. His plumber dad is working in Seattle. For 140.00 he cleaned the van outside and dried it with my towels, fixed the leak. and also drilled holes in a bucket for my hurdo-surge to sit in the tub. It rubs from vibrations. It is wearing down the fiberglass. Now it won't anymore. $40 is for a concentrated bottle of the best non toxic cleaner ever. A guy came by Friday and tried to sell me 100 dollars worth. I got one out of 3 from Will. It cleaned the qwik stop floor better than any cleaner so far. A little stained, but the fatique mat covers it anyway.I enjoy his company and feel a tad sad and lonely when he has to go home. He is half my age, and could be a son. I have no children. I also like when Kianna comes along. She is a polite, cute girl. I want to show her the scottie tails videos.All in all ,a very nice Sunday.Now I am ready for the doggies. Oh, and he cleaned my CV filter , glued one hose holder, and put it in my van too. I was using the tote one. It makes the van hotter in the summer. Now it is in the rear,separated by the wall.The less hot air brought inb, the better.Bring onb the doggies...Here, doggie, doggie, doggie.......

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    AHHHHH! Sounds like you're fully organized and ready to go. It's always nicer to work when you've taken care of your space!


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      What kind of cleaner?


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        Green Apple Advantage$34.95 34 oz concentrate

        A guy came rto the door selling 3/99.oo + tax 104 something.Harvey, Illinois #1800-323-6444. Austin diversified products Inc. You name it, it cleans it. My very dirty(were white) shoes I wear to work.Use about 8 oz in spray bottle, fill rest with water. Way better than 409, no cough while I clean. I used a sponge eraser like Mr. Clean, olnly I got a box of different sizes from HSN home shopping network on tv. An abrasive would help some areas too.I have not seen any salesmen in a year, and had no idea how to get it until Friday when a guy showed up. I said no to it cuz I had to pay bills first. Glad Will got 3 and sold me one bottle.


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          lol,so glad you are up an going w/out a hitch!I also have to say you gave us all more info. than we needed to know! Which leads me to believe that the both of you might go for dinner one evening!He maybe younger but still an adult;age is a lable,a concept that socity has made.Sounds like you like him and addore his daughter! I say go for it if you are single and if nothing elce a "boy toy" sure can be fun! lol;not to mention a good plumber!


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            Plumber boy has a girlfriend in Seattle

            I think he just feels he can talk to me. His mom and dad are my age. He has other children somewhere from anothrr girl also never his wife. No, boy toys for me, not my style. Let's just say, I go to church every Sunday and leave it at that.They will be here until school ends.I wouldn't mind a guyfriend near my age, from my C group. We have a 55+ social group I should check out events and go. I guess i am waiting to loose weight first.I get lonely at times, as a single woman with NO family. Just my dog children.I like him like a young man friend. He is just my five houses down good neighbor and good plumber. Nothing going on, and I don't want it to. You're watching too many soap operas haha. I watch Y&R myself.Funny you thought of dates and a boyfriend.