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Painting my grooming table top.

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  • Painting my grooming table top.

    I have a nice table in my van, but the top was originally a grey color, it was the sprayed on top. I was thinking of trying to find the same type of pain in black. Like a ruberized like paint. Has anyone ever heard of doing that?

    If I can't, I might just make a new top and ask Rhino linings to spray the top, but that might be really expensive.

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    Tried both

    I have used the rubberised coatings that are used on tool handles and it didn't hold up very well for me. I love the rhino type coatings on a table top. To save some money, try finding a place that will spray your top while they are spraying a truck bed. My sprayer only charged me $25 to spray a top as he did a truck it saved him time and effort on cleaning his spray equipment thus saving me money. I won't hurt to ask.


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      ooooooo I found truck bed liner paint today at TSC. I'm excited to do this because it will make my table look so much better. I have to wait till the weekend though because I want it to have a good amount of time to dry. It's called Herculiner

      HERCULINER is the only polyurethane and rubber granule coating that is applied in just 3 easy steps to your truck bed using rollers and a brush (included in the kit).


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        I found that having a table top that is dark made it harder to groom dark dogs. I used to work on a maroon table and it was really hard grooming dark or black dogs, even with a fair bit of light.


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          Crystal, I had to laugh because I would really like my table top to be gray, not black! Maybe we could swap table tops? I just can't see with the black as well as I can with a lighter color.

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            oh no, I didn't think of that. All I could think about was black wouldn't stain. But the table top I have is so awful looking. I think the prev van owner might have spilled a bunch of quik stop on it and let it sit without cleaning it up right away and moisture got to it. Because it is really bad.

            Maybe I can return it and find the same thing in a dark grey color, and then just try to keep it cleaner.


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              I love colors! I haven't worked on a black or gray table top for years! When the Ergo pads were popular, I got one of each color for my self and staff. Covered the yucky gray peble tops...Then, I went to yoga pads...they come in a great variety of colors.

              My big table has a lt. gray fake tile look (swearly colors)...and a bright color yoga pad...
              than my table in the rig is cream -rhino liner...then OOH! My lazy sue table top just got a coating of bright "road line" Yellow! With an orange pad (new ones will be soft green) WOW! So colorful! Just say I'm in to color!


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                Azoci, do you ever get quick stop stains?


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                  Uuuh, No...I seldom quick a nail. If I do, I use the lid, pour some QS in it, and take the nail and just put the tip in the QS, hate to get it on my hands. If some were to get dropped on the table, it gets wiped off.

                  I use a guillotine style cutter, and come at the nail from the side, usually, I can almost always make a fresh cut even if the nail is already short. I have a lot better control with these than the big ol' pliers style. I'd let my students have them, but once they tried the g. style, they never went back to the AND, the hurts my hand. So, I use small g. style, even on a larger dog...just have to make a few more cuts.

                  If I have a nail that is curled around and I can't get the as a cutter...I use a pair of wire cutters, that my sharpener did sharpen for me many years ago...they are great, they do a great job for what I use them for.


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                    That stuff looks slick. Is it??


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                      I dont' know if it is slick or not, but i'll find out this weekend. But my table top has a sprayed on surface already. So after I prep the table and rough up the top a little to make the paint adhere, maybe it won't look slick. If it does, then I will just trash the top and make a new one.


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                        table top painting...

                        How did the painting go? What did you use?


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                          I haven't painted yet

                          I ended up working all day! it was so nice today too. Maybe tomorrow


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                            Crystal, here's a thought:

                            I have a homemade hydraulic grooming table. The original cart came with a rubber mat on top, it was not stuck to the table, but just laid on top. I took it off, bolted a table top to the cart, and then took that rubber mat and put it over my table, which was already covered in a vinyl type mat.

                            This rubber mat has been INVALUABLE! It doesn't slide much, and even when it does, I have a vinyl covered table underneath anyway, but the best part is that I can just pick it up, throw it in the tub, hose it down, sanitize it and be on my way. Grooming tables are NASTY DIRTY and too hard to clean, and wiping them down takes a lot of effort if you ask me. I LOVE being able to just pick this mat up and throw it in the tub. Plus, it is easily replaceable. I've been using this for several months and not showing any real damage from wear and tear.

                            Just a thought!

                            Tammy in Utah
                            Groomers Helper Affiliate