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  • City vs Suburbs??

    Hey everybody, I had to come out of lurk mode for a minute. I currently live in the NW suburbs of Philly. I'm still in my information gathering phase and I plan to go mobile around this time next year. My question is this- In sept, I'm going to be moving to NYC and I wasn't sure how well mobile would work as far as having a place to park the van and navigating traffic and such. If anyone has any ideas or is currently grooming in a major city please let me know how it's working out for you and what pitfalls to look out for. Also do you charge more in the city than you would in the suburbs?

    Thanks so much.

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    Dana I am not mobile, but I have read a few responses to other people who enquired about mobile grooming in NYC.

    I believe the answer was "NOT IN THE CITY" because there is nowhere to park. The suburbs is probably where the money is, I would think, along with better parking. I lived in NY for a while, but upstate, so I am no expert on this. I think with the planning and preparation you are doing, you will find yourself very successful.

    Also, I would suggest purchasing Grooming Business in a Box, it's on the bottom left of this screen if you scroll down. Surely lots of plans in there that can help you out!

    Tammy in Utah
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      I have lived in Manhattan for 30 + years. To be honest, NYC is not the place to have a mobile vehicle. Parking would be a nightmare and getting through the traffic on a daily basis would be very stressful. We New Yorkers are late for everything because of that. Also, filling your water tanks would not be easy - you can't use the fire hydrants for sure! City and state taxes are also terribley high if you have a business in the city. You'd be better off going mobile either in New Jersey, Long Island or Westchester. In my opinion - it would not be economically viable.