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generator and propane tank placement

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  • generator and propane tank placement

    In my new trailer conversion, I will be using the existing contractor style generator from my old unit. I will have t mounted onto the tongue of the trailer. I wil also need a place for the propane tank. It is an under-frame type unit from my rv unit. Could anyone see a problem in mounting it on the tongue below the generator? I will have a frame built to attach it to the frame and then mount the generator on top of that frame. Should I have a metal plate installed between the gen and propane tank?
    I alos want to have a cover built for the gennie. Any ideas on the best way to lay that out?

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    check out gryphon trailers website for some good ideas. I have the gene and my propane tanks mounted on the tongue.
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      The only issue I could see with putting the generator and propane tanks on the tongue would be exceeding the max. tongue wieght. I'm not refering to the max wieght of the tongue itself, but that of your tow vehicle. There are two towing capacities to be aware of, the max trailer wieght and max tongue wieght. Make sure the vehicle is equipped to handle that kind of tongue wieght. This might not be an issue at all, I'm not sure how much a generator wieghs exactly, but with all of that being placed so far forward, it is basically like putting all of that wieght directly on the hitch itself because it's not being evenly distributed.


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        I would get the opinion of an RV and trailer specialist, but, I would worry about the tank full of propane would be an explosion risk being so close to the genny. I use fuel for my tonue-mounted Onan, but I keep the marine tank in my truck bed. JMO, I am no expert!


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          Propane tank

          Under the tung does not sound like a good idea.Tung jacks sometimes go wrong and the trailer could come down onto the tank possibly knocking off the fill valve and cause your trailer to rocket off in circles. Plus if you get parted from your trailer in an accident with the trailer moving down the road on it's own even a short distance the frame for the tank could collaps and tear off the tank.Maybe you can have a welder build a frame up above higher above the gen and back closer to the trailer body. Measure the hieght with the tung on the ground so it is high enough to miss the tow vehicle should you pop the hitch and have the trailer rear end your tow vehicle.Tow chains are something you should never forget to use or risk being with out.Not even one of them. It must be quite funny to see your trailer pass you and wonder "hay who's that groomer"? **** it's me!


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            I want to mount the propane tank

            above the tongue, but below the generator. Until the trailer actually arrives, I won't be able to judge the amount of space between the rear of my jeep and the front of the trailer. If I could mount it above the generator, it would have to be quite high above it to allow for filling the gas tank for the gennie. Then I would have to check with propane companies to make sure that they would be able to fill it at that height and distance with their equipment.


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              You'll work it out when you have all the parts in hand.


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                It must be quite funny to see your trailer pass you and wonder "hay who's that groomer"? **** it's me!>>>>>>>>DOUG!!!

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