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    Hey Im going to be ordering a Gryphon and I have a couple questions, I live in Central Illinois and it gets pretty hot in the summer, the Gryphon comes with a 6000 btu ac, but I can upgrade to 10000 or 13000, should I upgrade? Do mobiles get pretty hot? and should I get an Inverter in my trailer? and how about upgrading to the k9 2 drier? Oh and I can get an ac that fits in the wall or ceiling mounted, what would be so different between the two?

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    I would upgrade to a 10,000. That is what I have and I am in Pa. I have a Gryphon. Go for the inverter if you can afford it. If you get the wall mounted a/c you have to open the back doors when you are running it so it gets air. I love my trailer. When I got mine it came with double k challengair. I bought a double k airmax which is much better. Time is money.
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      Do you want to be cold and wet or dry and cool? If an ac unit is too big it does not run the compressor long enough to get most of the water out of the air becuase it cycles off too quick.All this cycling on and off will cuase your power supply to double duty fighting the residual back preasure in the compressor each time it restarts before the preasure can level out in the high preasure side of the unit.It actually works better if it never kicks off durring the hottest 7 days of the year.So you have to figure what that would be for your area and take into consideration dessert climates are totally different.
      The only time your producing interior heat is when your drying and pumping moisture into the work area through evaporation.If you get it cooled down too fast you did'nt get the water out of the air you just made it cold and wet.Good place for mold to grow causing all kinds of health problems which you can be medicated for later.Theres no law that says you can not crack a vent with the ac on to let the greatest wettest amount of heat out slowly from the hot air rising upward and out the vent when your hv has been running long on a large hairy.
      Just remember to close it back up after a little while so the inside temp can become colder. How many square feet of space are you cooling and what amount of heat do you expect to produce from the hv while your drying?Chances are your drying will not make up the bulk of your time.If you gear it to cool against the hv then it will suck unless the hv is running. Roof units stick up high (tree catcher) and they are very much a pain the back side to clean out properly it takes a couple hours to do and may need to be done more then once a year by going on the roof and taking it apart to flush it out and clean all the scum and mold off the plastic housing for the coils and blower whch are located under the outside cover that you can see on he roof.It's a really a nasty job.Not as bad as a grease trap in a resturant but pretty close. Don't get me wrong the roof units work well they're just a lot of work and chances are you wont be able to find someone to service it properly and completely.


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        I have

        ordered a 6x12 trailer to convert. It should arrive in a few weeks. I am going to insulate it first. I am considering an 8000 btu portable unit with heat strips. In my current unit, I have a Double K airmax, which tends to produce quite a bit of heat especially during warm weather. I am going to keep it and as finances allow, I will get a heat-less dryer to use dring warm weather and use the airmax during cooler weather.
        My question would be whether to get a portable unit or a window style unit and mount it in one of the rear doors?


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          re re lol


          Here for the google impared
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            DOUG, which of the "domestic" products would you recommend? the split or the single? what size for a 6x12 trailer? is that better than the windowed type air conditoner? will it run on inverter system? can you use just an inverter or is it better to have gen/inverter backup? laymens terms please! I'm female, and blonde LOL so its twice as difficult to understand! hehehe


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              follow the link

              nothing will work with as little power as a window type.The one the link leads to is for the 7000 btu that uses 8 amps.The power suply does not matter as long as you have an ample supply to run for the length of time desired.Either or both type of suply will work when properly set up.