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AARRGGG! Just another vent.

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  • AARRGGG! Just another vent.

    This is a pet peeve of mine.

    My answering machine states that because I am mobile I may not be able to return to your call today.

    This woman calls and gives me her work number. I call her later that day. She has left but there is no voice mail.

    I call her the next day but its her day off.

    I call her today and she gets another woman to take the call and say that she found someone else since I took so long to get back to her! Then that person hangs up!

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    Make sure you write down her name and tape it to your phone. So if she calls back you can tell her to find the same person she called before.
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      I like that idea Diaminono!!!


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        Count your blessing

        She was not a good candidate for mobile. Cant tell ya how many times I averted getting a bad customer by not being the lucky one. Several times dogs were even ill and owners wanted them groomed before a trip to the vet and the dog died before it was groomed.Ya know who would have been blamed if I was a little quicker,me.Follow your gut it does more then just hold girl scout cookies. Speaking of which Lisa your kid have any more of those single serving boxes of cookies? Something with caremel. I think I need a fix.


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          Oh its true. In the end someone who wants their dog groomed RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND is probably avoiding something and I would end up with a sick dog. Either that or I really wouldn't have been able to go to her home RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.
          It just amazes me how people think, or don't think I should say. They leave a work number where their hours there are limited. That work number doesn't have an answering machine. They are off work the next day. So I guess, despite what my answering machine says, she thought I would just call her back within seconds.

          Meanwhile I do have her name in a book. I keep all the books with customers names and phone numbers who call. On occasion I have received calls from people who did that me and I have it written down. Depending on what their issue was I do restate it to them when they call and they are always suprised that I 'remember' them.

          Meanwhile I had a woman that called and didn't want to leave her dog in a kennel all day. I quoted her the price of that breed and she near fell over. She said I should be cheaper! Cheaper than the home she goes to because she considers mobile grooming to be an inconvenience to her since she has to stay home when I arrive...! I told her if she considers this to be an inconvenience than this service is certainly not what she is looking for and to stay with her current groomer. She cried and said the dog was there all day. I suggested other shops, wished her well and hung up.