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From Shop to Mobile in 2 Weeks!

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  • From Shop to Mobile in 2 Weeks!

    Hello fellow groomers, jumping into the mobile scene in a few weeks and would love your input! My wife and I have a shop and have been there since 1981 and they are bulldozing the building for retirement homes by late April. We bought a used Wag n tails van and getting ready for the big move.
    My wife did mobile back in the late 70's and said to me that I will enjoy the new way of grooming. We have around 200-300 clients so we really don't know who will go for this. Not worrying so much but still it's new for me. It has been so helpful to me to read all of your experiences in many subjects. Will see what comes about! This is David signing off!

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    Hi David, you will do just fine. You'll weed out the clients that "mobile isn't for them" ... the cost will turn some away, but the ones that stay will be totally delighted.

    that's what's nice, in mobile you don't need 2 or 3 hundred clients, just a few good ones that book every month, with a few new ones sprinkled in.


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      You're going to love being mobile, David. It's as close to not having a 'job' as working can be...lots of freedom. Better start budgeting for a second truck- I have a strong feeling you all are going to need one sooner than later!