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ugh! First day back a distaster!!!!

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  • ugh! First day back a distaster!!!!

    OK, my van was out of commission for a week and a half. Yesterday I did one dog on short notice. Today I was all ready to go for a full day. I got to my first dog, a shih tzu... put her in the tub and everything was fine. Well, I went to do her hair cut, and my clippers didn't work properly! The blade was moving very slowly. Luckily I had a backup pair of clippers that I won at a show so I used them to finish. Oh my gosh! I think if I have to use them another day I'll get carpal tunnel..they're so heavy! So, a litte bump in the road, no big deal.

    I then came home to fill up because the rest of the day I was suppose to have 2 colllies, a lab, and a bichon and a JR,so I wanted to make sure I had enough since they're all in the same area. I came home and hooked up the hose as water going into the tank. I said to myself...."No way, its frozen, still?" out came the blow dryer....3 times I went back and forth hooking up, turning on water, no water. I pulled out all the hoses we had...nothing. I ended up calling WNT and Jamie wasn't there this week. (Oh NO!), I was put through to Terri though, who was great. He almost immediately knew what it was. There's a valve that prevents back up of water from the fresh water tank out of the intake. The plunger in that was stuck. Apparently they stopped putting those in 4 months ago because of the problem. I couldn't get the thing apart, and I was really upset because of how behind I am and I don't know where I could possibly put people. I had to call my husband who came, talked with Terri and took care of the problem. As a result however, I couldn't go do the 2 collies because of the distance and the woman had to go look at a house today, so I had to reschedule them for Sunday...ugh. I'm able to go do the other 3 today now....thank goodness!

    OK, enough now...time to start making money.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    I am so sorry for your frustration!

    Can you tell us more about this plunger problem and how to fix it...that way, if it happens to one of us we will know what to do! How terrible for you!


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      Oooh you did have a bad day. Like they say, when it rains it pours, maybe (hopefully!) the sun will shine on you for a long time now!!! Hope things start to run more smoothly for you.
      SheilaB from SC


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        Oh my heck, I'm soooo glad I groom at home.

        Sorry you had such a frustrating day. Hope things will be better for you tomorrow.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          i love 'who had a worse day'game!!!let's vent..

          i SHOULD NOT have gotten out of bed monday!!! wow, but i think i'd rather have all the bad stuff happen in one day rather than spread out over a week ,lol. ok so hot water hose is frozen and causing a leak, but it was 65 degrees in trailer, so no idea how it froze? then huge iceberg on hood of truck, which is much higher than i am tall, that was fun drying to excavate that so i could drive. ok running a half hour late for the first appt, not a good way to start. Middle of appt. discover tire is flat, just great!! it's really difficult to get tires for a trailer, so i limp to a gas station and can refill tire, drive to Sears and best part of day they are able to patch it!!! yeah!!! so 25 instead of $100. but they took trailer inside the bay area and then couldn't back it out. so i'm watching as the truck is getting closer and closer to the wall..aaaghhhh, and of course the manly men don't want to be shown up by the girl so they keep going. very lucky for him he didn't scrape truck cause i was ready to skin him alive if he hit the wall. ok so call back appts i canceled and try to continue, bad idea! get done that appt. and run over clients giant garbage can! Crush it in half and the wheels on the garbage can get wedged under the truck. yippee! so i'm wrestling with can and moving the truck up repeatedly, finally i get it out and go flying back to land inthe snow and garbage that i've strewn about. go back into tell client and they just shake their heads in sympathy, (very good and nice people) "go home & call us when you get there safely" still had to rush home and then take my vomitting cat to vet and spend money i don't really have. i was happy for the day to end.


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            It was so bad a day, almost funny.

            Just as I finished that word, I ran to bathroom and threw up 7-8 times. Really. I ater custard pie and with the salad before and some minestrone, it gave me stomach pains then.....Oh my! Now it's over and I'm ok.Your story i9s a comedy of errors for sure. So exhausting tring to get it all sorted out. I would want to cancel all dogs and go home and put the covers over my head til the dogs cry for supper.Is this justy how we groomers experience life? No shows, cancelations, break downs, garbage cans in the way, etc? Ohb and dog bites too.....I gfuess with so many members, it seems like we are havin bad luck lately. I hope tomorrow is remarkable smooth with big tips for you.