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  • Rec'ving supplies

    Just a quick question for everyone out there.....when you place an order for your supplies (pet edge, davis, ryans, wherever) how do you request a receipt...I've only ever rec'd an invoice showing what was ordered, not what the total bill is for tax purposes?????? Do you need a full listed receipt????
    Thanks for the help....

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    I've always recieved a receipt as well as an invoice without asking. Most of my ordering is through Petedge, though my shampoos are ordered directly from the manufacturer.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Your invoice and the credit card statement should be quite sufficient.


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        What? No Invoice!!

        You've got to be kidding, You should always have an invioce in your stuff. Either in the box or outside in a plastic envelope that doubles as your shipping lable...sometimes those are overlooked, but they are there.


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          I always get one and I order from several places. They are usually under that plastic on the outside of the box. But sometimes they are inside. Yes you do need an invoice with a "total" price on it for your taxes. If you order on-line you may be able to go to the web site and check order status and print a copy.



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            thanks so much-----

            thanks I'll check them out next time, I've only ever rec'd a packing slip with what was ordered and the quantity, no total.....