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Bought used RV - Where to start?!?

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  • Bought used RV - Where to start?!?

    hi all...

    u might remember me from before..i was quite talkative before I had surgery, then I went silent. well...I am back and I just bought a used rv to use as a mobile unit. I wanted the extra room and the kitchen/bed/bathroom area "just in case" of an emergency or so.

    It has a back room that is a bed about queen size, then the table and chairs across from the kitchen stuff. I thought about taking those two things out and leaving the bed "up top".

    It's dirty and needs a new septic tank/pipe. The engine and generator are great.

    Other than is a bit overwhelming to look at and I don't know where to start. Any ideas?

    I bought an edemco tub and a grooming table already (about 4') to put in, but what about the floor? i've heard of rhino spray being used. any other ideas?

    Does anyone know of any good websites about the conversion process? Where should I start? And does anyone know how I hook the tub up to the drain system?

    I've never done this before but simply did not have the $$ for a wagntails van, and I thought it would be nice to have the luxuries of an rv for use if needed such as a bathroom and a kitchen onboard, not to mention the extra space.

    Any information would be really helpful. Thanks.

    [email protected]

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    I'm sure a lot of the guys will have more info, but as far as hooking into pre-existing plumbing, u just need a hacksaw, elbow connectors, and pipe glue. They have do it yourself books, like plumbing for dummies etc. Home Depot and Lowes will always help you. I spent many hours picking brains there. Also, RV places will help too. Rhino would be great, drop shears? No problem theyl'l bounce right back in your hand. lol. Well, maybe not, but they wont break, and its waterproof. I personally wouldnt keep the bed area, I like the room. Plus everything gets so hairy. ew. unless you closed that area off. As far as websites is a good There a lot of people here that have made their own. I'm sure you'll get tons of ideas. Welcome back, hope everythings mended well.


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      reply to kim in sd

      thanks for the info about the elbow connectors and stuff...i'm going to osh home depot and lowes tonight to pick brains and buy a plumbing book! i want rhino, but have to figure out how to do that too. this might be a dumb question but this is where i get confused, lol...if i put the tub in the bedroom area in the back...the bathroom is more towards the would I connect the plumbing? anyhows..hopefully i get some questions answered tonight and if anyone else has any ideas or doiturselfers tips and 'don't do this' advise lol...i'd appreciate it all! Thanks again!

      and the surgery went well - i had reconstructive surgery on my right middle ear (inside) to restore hearing to my right ear! yae!



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        keep us posted and take pictures!

        I am mobile and I need something new bad my van has high miles and I've been looking into converting an RV myself. Take notes, take pictures and share I'm interested how it all turns out for you as I'm thinking of rennovating my own too! Good luck!


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          You could run it down the side, not sure how the RV is set up, you might have to go under cabinets. IMPORTANT: Remember weight distribution.
          Since mine was a bus w/no water, everything was realitively easy. I put the hot water tank in the back dirty water on the side and clean on the other side. Keep us posted, and wheres the pix?


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            Newbie what make model and year RV did you buy. I have to look at the layout to help you.


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              The Rhino lining is such a good tip (from Curtis) I am so glad we did that to my buggy. you can see our conversion on my web site... but it's not something you can do, it is a complicated process, and needs to be applied by those that know how and have the equipment. I just had 2 lazy Sue table tops done in bright yellow! (well, road line yellow) but they are neat!

              Weight distribution is a thing to keep in mind. You already have a gene, so you already have power. I didn't, and didn't have a gas engine,(for gas tank) or outside room for it (for sure didn't want to be sitting in the same "room" with it! So I went inverter.

              Figuring out where to put, fresh and gray tanks, we converted the existing fresh tank to gray,and then added a new fresh tank.

              It's hard to help you when we don't know how big or the layout of your RV. But it's so fun to do.


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                thanks all! pics coming!

                my rv...

                thanks for the replies all notes are being taken! and i just bought a digital pix will be coming too! (as soon as i figure out how!) lol.

                thanks again...and keep the advise coming...i'll post pics asap to help out!

                i got an 1979 winnebago but it has a good gene and good engine..worth more than i paid for the entire rv. i know it's old...but i figured i'm gutting it out anyhow! and it's decent size...

                thanks will be coming!



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         rv didn't work out...i had some $$ problems with ID theft (my other post) and my surgery ended up being out of work for 2 months instead of 2 weeks (ouch). still have everything that needs to go into it (i kept all of that when I sold the RV) a little later....

                  thanks for all the tips, though...I am still going forward with is just taking longer than I wanted it to take...but it will be worth it!