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  • Power's out!

    I was at a client's house today and half way through drying little bubba, my power went out. When I plugged in in the first place, the lady said her electricity was kinda weird because it was an old house. She just let me plug into the outlet right by the front door. So we moved it over to the outlet in the garage. Now the garage outlets provide more power right? So I thought maybe I blew a fuse because my dryer pulled more amps than that front door outlet could handle. Well when I was done with the dog I took him back in and their electric in the house was out, I felt really bad. Should I always ask to use a more heavy duty or garage outlet? I'm still in my very early stages of going to people's houses and I don't know squat about electricity and tripping breakers and ........... help please

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    Most outlest are only 15 amps. That included the garage, unless they had a 30 amp put in. I don't plug in because my dryer pulls 14.5 amps and with the lights on that will pop the circuit. I always use my gene.
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      Hook into the laundry outlet. Those can handle more amps.