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mobile grand openings?

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  • mobile grand openings?

    Did any of you who are mobile have grand openings? Or did you just start grooming? If you did have grand openings, what did you do?

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    I wanted to have a grand opening but I just let it get away from me and then it got too cold so I didn't have one. The local pet shop offered to let me sit in her parking lot, advertise together and so on. Now that warmer weather is here, I'm too busy to have one. But, if I was just starting out in the spring I would definetly get on it and have a grand opening.


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      Yes, Kind Of

      Back in SF Bay Area Foster City had birthday. If you ever fly into SF from the East, you fly oiver the San Mateo Bridge into the air port. FC is 5 mile radius. Many people went to one groomer shop....and many had me! A day there is economical. I was parked by the water as a wind barrier and that is mostly all I was. I have a picture of it. I was near the American Flag. I set up a table and did a drawing. That way I had lead cards of people, dogs, name,phone number.I memtioned this before recently. I cheated and chose several families w/two dogs...little ones. One dog free and they had me do the other w/pay. Ther Yellow Pages did it for me. Intyernet not as now and I have only ownewd a computer since this past january. Now internet ads are better and cheaper. I never went to many vets with my Bus cards. they won't put them out, and might refer if asked. Coupons off $5 to client for refs. Word of mouth always good.