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wow gryphon trailers are kickn!

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  • wow gryphon trailers are kickn!

    Have you all seen the new upgrades available on the gryphons? inverters, graphics..electric jacks?! looks like they are heading in the back stretch in the lead!

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    That's because Joe ROCKS!
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      where can I find info about their inverter trailers


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          Joe is great!

          I tried to get one of his trailers a few months back but my credit is really screwed up from a bankruptcy so unfortunately I'm not able to get one right now. I did A LOT of research and communicating and Joe has a really great thing going with these trailers and the best thing is it's not highway robbery on the price of his trailers. I'll try again in another year, I'm not giving up on one of his trailers!
          I did tell one of my mobile friends about his trailers and they were really impressed. In fact I think they're thinking of buying a back up trailer from him so I hope I sent ya some business Joe!!!


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            I agree Joe is great. I'm in the same boat as txgroomer at the moment with financing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though For the time being I'm doing house call grooming and saving up (hopefully by the begining of the summer I'll be in a Gryphon). I just got my tax id #'s this week and I'm going to the County Office Building this morning and getting my Partnership paper filed. GrooMotion is starting to become a reality instead of just a dream