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  • Whistle While You Work.....

    Do you mobiles listen to music while you are grooming? I wasn't for a long while. I bought a little powerful volume radio at walgreens and put it on the shelf. I can hear it over the HV somewhat; but I wear earphones too. I keep happier and work better. I Like the Smooth jazz station and one other. I still like Kenny G when he comes on. Santana. Andrea Bocelli. Fernando Ortega, Michael J Smith, FFH.Many more.

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    Music is a must

    I always have my radio on when I groom, I love music and it makes me happy, so in turn, the dogs are happy too....I listen to country and sing along while I work...


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      I listen to different things while I'm grooming. My husband's in a band and I play the CD's they've made at different "gigs". Iknow all the songs by heart and happily sing along. I also have relaxation music that are sold as being for animals. They relax me, I don't know about the dogs. I really think the dogs enjoy being singing to. I think the best thing about singing is you are breathing and it keeps you more relaxed. Although I haven't had dogs in a long time that make me nervous, I used to always sing if I was, so I wouldn't make it so obvious to the dog.
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        oh I love Bocelli! too bad Im hard of hearing, I would have to blast it to hear it and I don't think the dogs would appreciate the volume! lol


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          I'm not mobile but something got into me lately. I've been listening to OLDIES COUNTRY, and I'm LOVIN' IT!!! LOL, I sit and sing those old songs to the dogs, and though I'm not tone deaf, I'm no great singer, but I think it keeps the dogs happy and they're probably making fun of me in their heads, "That poor lady, she doesn't even know she can't sing," lol.

          I turn the music on and off all throughout the day. I can't hear customers in person or over the phone with any background noise. It is too distracting for me.

          Tammy in Utah
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            I can't stand the radio, and the hv, andf the phone ringing, no, no, the less noise the better. I have on occasion put on a Nora Johnes CD and it puts the dogs to sleep, I am serious!


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              I usually like listening to the radio, but if my stress level goes up, the radio goes off!!! Same thing when I am home. If I am getting irritated (usually at the kids) I can turn off the TV or radio and it is instant relief!!! We work in such a noisy environment and live in such a noisy world we often forget how nice SILENCE is.
              SheilaB from SC


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                I only listen to the radio when I'm grooming my own dogs, or dogs that I don't have a time limit on, I listen to country too. I can't stand the radio if I'm trying to do something fast because I get all stressed out, just too much going on at once.


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                  One of the best deals around is over 3,000 stations commercial free with every type of music format you could think of, no exaggeration. You have to see the list.

                  If you have a computer at work you can pipe the music out of your computer to speakers, or a music system too.

                  It's entirely free. You do get banners on your player, or about $40 a year with no banners.

                  What good is a soft, pleasant, ambient station with all those loud commercials. There is African to Carribean to Asian, delicious lo-fi, electronica, ambient, various flavors of country, 60's, 70's, 80's. 90's, celtic, live broadcasts from the dance floors around the world, movie soundtracks and soft cosmic music that might calm the dogs. That's just a taste of what is offered, and no commercials.

                  And if you like a song you can click it and find how to buy it too from Amazon or download.

                  P.S. It is several weeks from going live, but we sign the contract tomorrow to add podcasting to More on that later. Chat is almost here again as things are settling after the daylight savings time bug hit last week.
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                    I'm not mobile but I have the radio on all the time. I listen to a lot country western and the oldies from the 60's.

                    There have been mornings when I start working and something is missing, no music. It gets turned on right away. In fact now I don't even have to worry about turning it on. I have plugged it into the switch that turns on my lights, have to have those or I can't see, so I always have the music.
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                      I have music on all the time. If things are getting frantic, I play classical, usually Beethoven (symphony 6 or Eroica) or Mozart. If I need to pick things up, or I'm feeling grumpy, it's Gershwin. If everything's mellow, I play classic blues; BB King, Lonny Brooks, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Etta James, Odetta. Love 'em all.

                      Music can adjust your mood. When everythings going to Hades in a handbasket, playing Beethoven's 6th will just smooth things right out. It's the Pastoral symphony, meant to evoke images of the German countryside. And it does. Sunshine, soft breezes, a picnic in the meadow with folk dancing, an approaching thunderstorm, and a stately resolution. Heaven.

                      And the Gershwin? I bought the "Piano Rolls" set, played by George Gershwin himself. No way I can stay grumpy when listening to "Scandal Walk" or "Swanee".


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                        I have Sirius in my van and I love it. One day I listen to the 60's, next day Classic Vinyl. I always switch around. I do find myself singing along...poor doggys. Listening to music really makes me happy. My big thing is I don't like it when it's too loud. Then it becomes annoying. I enjoy Serius because there are no commercials and because it's so varied you never hear the same song twice.


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                          It's talk radio for me personal favorite is Sean Hannity. If I listen to music it's soft rock.


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                            I have the 10 cd changer in my van and put in a lot of variety. Then put it on Random all CD's and I have a great mix all day.
                            The dogs love it when I sing to them.
                            I had a dog this weekend that sang along with me. The owner actually came out to the van and warned me that her dogs likes to sing.
                            It was so funny, if I was quiet so was the dog, If I sang along to a song, she would sing too. It didn't bother me, I had a lot of fun with it.


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                              I listen to the radio or cd while i'm driving from place to place. If I have a multiple pet stop, then I will sometimes get my cd player out and play cds while I'm grooming.