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  • General Questions about Inverters

    To the inverter experts out there ...

    1. Is it wasting money to purchase a Pure Sinewave Inverter since they're more expensive than the Modified Sinewave Inverters?

    (Mobile Van Conversions, LLC uses Pure Sinewave, but Doug uses Aims Modified Sinewave, I'm not sure what Curtis uses)

    2. Are there any advantages of using Pure Sinewave Inverters if spending the extra money isn't a problem? Any disadavantages to Modified Sinewave?

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    my answer

    85% Efficiency on the 3000 watt pure wave is not exceptable IMO. If I was in a possition that I had to run EMT equipment or computors for days at a clip then I would have to use pure wave also.Hopefully they will make better pure wave units before that day comes.On the other hand this pc the one I use has run before on the modified wave for a pretty long stretch as with my tv,cordless phones,welders,lasers,refrigerater,x box,ps2,pretty much everything.Im not sure where the problem exists because the ill effects have yet to show up.
    I have to atribute it to the same shanangins as the sealed battery.
    There is no ill effects of using a pure wave they work well for what they are made to do.They do cost more but if you do not care it will not effect you provided you can get one big enough to run what you want to run and can provide enough battery power to last for amount of time you need it to.


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      Thanks for the reply Doug

      From your answer, it seems like Modified Sinewave should be the way to go because it costs less than the Pure Sinewave without any problems arising for the electrical needs for grooming equipment, (given that batteries and watts are sufficient in both cases)... Plus you can still run your computer, Xbox and television off the inverter too without problems :P ... Gotta use the inverter for fun too of course!


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        Soldered battery connections

        I'm having the battery place make custom soldered cables for me for (8)6volt 220ah batteries going to a 5000 watt Aims inverter...

        1. What is the proper cable size connecting the batteries in series/parallel? #1/0 or #2/0

        2. What is proper cable size connecting the battery bank to the inverter? #2/0 or #4/0

        3. What is the proper cable size connecting 80amp charger to batteries?

        Thanks for all your help in advance
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