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Update on my drain clog

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  • Update on my drain clog

    It turned out that I needed an auger to begin with. Although I originally thought I had fixed my problem by using my HV dryer nozzle and blowing air through the grey tank, it was only a temporary fix. Or perhaps I had loosened the original hair clog a little by driving or whatever.

    But it ended up getting clogged up again. So I bought a cheap auger / drain snake. It was only 9$ at walmart, as soon as I started to use it, it broke off of the reel, it was really cheap.

    So I ended up having to use a drill and attach it to the broken end of the snake. That actually worked really well. As soon as we had the drill going, suddenly my grey water ended up spewing out immediately and then came out 3 more huge clumps of hair.

    I think there was probably a hair clog when I bought the van last year. Because I have never seen the grey water drain that fast.

    So now you know what the right thing to do is. I'll tell you this mobile thing really has me learning alot. Maybe if grooming doesn't work out, I could go into plumbing

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    it's amazing how competent mobile grooming has become.
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      In 20+ years of this I never really had a drain problem, My guess would be too smalll of drain plumbing, or a bend that has some sharp edges catching hair. The drain hose on my van is clear tubing.