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I wanna pimp MY van

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  • I wanna pimp MY van

    maybe you guys can help me with ideas.

    i just need to know if it can be done and possibly how, and i know NOTHING about electronics but i do have a mobile rv guy.

    right now i run a onan 3500, i want to add an inverter system to either eleminate or cut down 90% on my gen use.

    i have NO place to plug in

    I have a k9 II that i will trade for a hanvey if it really is as good and uses less power. (anyone want to buy a dryer?)

    i NEED my a/c

    so what i'm thinking is to build an inverter system to power everthing in case my gen is being a !#*?$ and i can recharge the batteries with the gen.

    rv guy says i can't run an a/c unit with an inverter unless it's an over under system? what the heck does that mean? but i know some of you said it's possible.

    i really want to do this now that gas has gone from 2.39 to 3.15 a gallon in 2 weeks! i'm sure it will go over $4 a gal this summer.

    when i get a chance i'm going to look for the old amps per hour formula that doug had (unless he reads this and wants to share again ) that's the bottom line right?

    does this sound like a feasible plan?