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Need advice on van selection!

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  • Need advice on van selection!

    Hi all,

    This is my first post.
    I am going mobile (after 10 years grooming and salon mgmt. experience) and am researching mobile vans. I am getting more and more confused as I talk to the various companies. Does anyone have any comments on the Ultimate Groomobiles? I have info they sent me and they compare themselves to Wagntails and point out how theirs is better in many ways...fuel comsumption, cost, vinyl v. not vinyl. etc.. Theirs is a good $20,000 cheaper and seems to be a good no nonsense work vehicle that is less expensive to run. Any comments?

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    I love my wagntails they really know what they are doing. The service they give is number one I think they are worth the money The van looks great I just think you get what you pay for!


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      Van choices

      Hi, I drive a converter RV, but if I were to go with a brand new rig, it would be a Hanvey. Curtis has some great innovations that other companies just don't measuer up too. One reason is becuase Curtis IS a mechanical engineer. IMO, the newest innovations for power sources and keeping updated on where this industry is going means a lot in my book, and Curtis seems to have a good working knowledge of many things that can affect your bottom line...

      You need to read the inverter thread at the top pf this board...lots of information to be had, pro-con on Inverters and the "green" and what you should be looking for IF you choose to go with a generator, that of using alternate power for little things...interesting reading and a must for anyone making buisness decisions that will affect your bottom line for the first few years.


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        I really think Hanvey looks nice they look like you get more for your money. I like how their floors are sealed so you can hose the whole thing down at the end of a hairy day. I like the taxi vac system as well. But they are not overpriced.


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          Hi I loved my Wagntails vans so much when it came time to exspanding I bought a second van.They do think of everything when it comes to grooming and confert.I just think they look more put together.The other vans I saw just did not look so good with a different type of stainless steel tub and just a few cabnets.I'm am interested in the inverter thing thow.Maybe someday I will get a inverter.Good luck and do your research check some out at the shows.You know everyone will say thier company makes the best vans see for yourself.


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            I love my Hanvey van for the following reasons:

            (1) uses an inverter rather than a generator;

            (2) the bathing beauty bathing system (I've heard some groomers have trouble with the super sudzer in the WGT vans);

            (3) easy clean up: hose down the flooring; taxi vac is easy to empty; clean design in salon so that there aren't a lot of places for dog fur to catch on;

            (4) LIPS System;

            (5) when problems occur, troubleshooting with Curtis on the phone is easy ... simple design;

            (6) a real door separates the salon from the cab --- reduces the amount of hair that gets in the cab; and

            (7) you don't have to bend over (while holding a dog) to clear the door opening to the salon.

            I highly recommend this vehicle!!!


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              I posted my thoughts on ultimates on another thread. If you do a search you'll find people's thoughts on various types. You really should get yourself to a trade show where all the vans are present so you can go get a first hand look at them. If you can do that, make sure to ask yourself if you can be in that van eight hours a day (more or less), and be happy in your surroundings. Of course, each company is going to say theirs is the best. If you see the vans in person it will pretty obvious why some vans are much cheaper, and why some, like the WNT and Hanvey are more expensive.
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                I compared several companies over 3 years time while I considered whether or not to go mobile. (Odessey, Custom, WNT, Hanvey, ULtimate) Odessey and Custom I eliminated. (Don't remember the reasons, but do remember they were very minor that others won out over) Ultimate, no way for me. I do NOT want to work without a generator as I do NOT want to plug into client homes. I insist on a K9II for a dryer and most household circuits can not handle the amps for that dryer. Being in Texas, I need a VERY GOOD A/C and the genset that they "offered" as an option was just too small for both my dryer and a good A/C. I don't like the piping through the engine to heat water. Just more pipes to build sludge on and try to figure a way to clean. So it came down between WNT and Hanvey. I liked the LOOK of the WNT interior so much better than the Hanvey. It just looks more professional. So I bought the WNT. While I am still very happy with my van, I now wish I had lowered my appearance requirement a bit and gotten the Hanvey. Gas mileage on the WNT is between 6-8mpg! If I do replace mine down the line rather than going back to a salon, I WILL get a Hanvey Sprinter the next time.


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                  I have a Hanvey Sprinter and I just love it. Yes, it is looks basic inside but that is what I like about it. To me, less is more. Everything I need is there and it's a cinch to clean- no nooks and crannies. After each groom and at the end of the day, after vacumming, I open the door and blow out all the fine hairies (with mask on, of course). Always looks spotless. Love the inverter. Plug in every night and always lots of power for me (groom mostly small dogs). I spend $25-$35 a week on gas. Can't beat it. Also, it has terrific resale value because it has a diesel engine. Best part- no generator. No noise, no gas guzzling, no oil changes and maintenance, etc., no nuttin'!


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                    Hanvey all the way. I did research and nothing else even came remotely close to comparing.

                    For what I need, it's the absolute best


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                      does Hanvey offer a van with a diesel besides that pricey Sprinter? I like it too, but my gosh, thats too much money for me! how bout a wider van with inverter? and pretty inside?? LOL am I dreamn?