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  • stating pricing on message

    There have been posts about those customers who call and all they are concerned about is price, that being the only question they leave. Does any mobile groomer say something like "If you are calling regarding pricing, my prices begin at $XX". On one hand, I think its a really bad idea, because I think its a really good idea to sell my service and let them know what is provided for the price, but on the other hand, I really don't like returning these types of phone calls, because those people really don't care what is provided, they want the convenience without the cost. Ideas?
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    Do you have a website? I am thinking about putting something on my outgoing message to the effect of ' For a price estimate go to my website at blah blah blah'. I would need to update my site and put some prices in. My site describes what is included in the price and what the benefits of mobile are.


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      price shoppers

      I have a distinct feeling when I get a price shopper call..."They can't afford me!" If they are price shopping, let them go down the street. Maybe I'm just getting old and crotichity ?

      I have a web site, but I don't have the prices listed...only the additional add on services, that type of thing. I've thought about doing something for pricing, but just haven't re-worked the site yet. Still thinking just what I want to say. One thing I can tell you is that my site gets 'googled' a lot, so many of my new clients tell be the "googled me"... they are thrilled with the site, love the photos...I just added a page showing what a "Bubble Day' is like for a pet...(needless to say his owners are thrilled Jacque was spotlighted, but , he's a happy dog and very fun to photograph). This has increased a sense of safety, with new clients...I've had several comment on "Jacque's Bubble Day" so it was a good thing to do. It answers the 'behind closed doors" question, as it were.

      I guess I prefer to let my photos do the talking, but I think a starting price thing might be in order, I just haven't figured out how I want to do it. packages...listed something like..."Tiny Bubbles"..."Champane Bubbles"...well, that's as far as I get for bubbles...I just have a bubble block, I guess...

      OK, getting off track here, I guess it would be a feasible thing to have at least some sort of starting prices listed on your web site...


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        you can have a message stating prices begin at XXX, but don't lock yourself into specifics.
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          massage pricing

          At one time I had a gal in my shop that could do massage...we priced things following kennels that already did this as established (mostly back east, just google it, they will come up). We had several different phases, all priced differently....

          a relaxing massage (Just 10 minutes) was something like $10. For deep massage, about 20 minutes, was $20...

          I guess you could say it was a buck a minute. We just marketed it so it looked like a package deal.

          In my mobile, I offer a Swedish style, that starts at $25 or so. I have the mood music going (in this case SW Indian flute)...I use massage oils from Bath and Body works, and for soothing scents something in Barb Bird's line of the Scented Groomer....I call my service "soar on wings" because unless you are a licensed massage person in some states, you can not use the word massage in your marketing [such is the state I'll be moving to]... even though I have had some training, I am certainlly not certified or licensed to do a deep tissue massage, or theraputic. Mine is a relaxing, or light tissue stimulation. I also have training in the T-touch. I can put a dog into sleep mode just sitting on my table as I "pull' his ears and the base muscles... while I am talking with mom.


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            I try to keep my outgoing message fairly short or people won't even bother to listen long enough to leave a message. I do state that for more information about my services to go to _______ website. My preices are posted on my website, but only after the list of the services included with EACH groom. At least this way they get a better idea of what they are paying for rather than a sticker shock first.