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  • Wagntails Latches

    I have to replace a latch on the outside door covering the generator. It is all corroded from winter road grime, and I know now to use spray silicone. My problem is how to remove the old one without having to go all the way to the RV center--any ideas. The part that is supposed to twist is completely frozen and forcing the small piece behind it that is supposed to be stationary to twist. I wish I could get behind it to hold it with a gator grip but even that is too far to reach and I'm afraid that even if I do--I don't want to shatter the fiberglass door. It just seems silly to go the the RV place for such a simple replacement.

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    This happened to our latches also. I am not sure how to replace them. I just saturated the latches with wd-40 and worked it carefully with pliers. I haven't had a problem since.


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      Yeah tried that but one was frozen really bad. Luckily my RV center changed them for me for free--they're no nice.